Thursday,April 09,2020

Require that the education of young prisoners guarantee

Require that the education of young prisoners guarantee

Require that the education of young prisoners guarantee

The Federation of University Teachers Associations of Venezuela denounced yesterday before the Commission on Worship and Penitentiary Regime Parliament the violation of fundamental rights of more than 40 teachers and students who have been arrested for political reasons.

During his right to speak, Lourdes Ramirez Viloria, president of the Federation of Associations of University Professors of Venezuela requested that the young inmates can continue with their college careers within detention centers. He also called for an inspection to places where they meet arrest because they have received reports of cruel treatment.

He urged that the issue be reviewed the location of detainees because many of them are outside of their regions and can not receive any help or attention from his family.

“We are launching an alert because there are prisoners with common criminals although they have not been convicted. Are being tortured, have an optimal place to sleep and there are some who can not see the sunlight,” complained Viloria. The requests were reflected in the document that was delivered to the commission.

Professor Wiliam Auseume, member of the commission FAPUV for Full Freedom Prisoners University, condemned the government persecution.

He recalled some of the most emblematic like Gustavo Tarre Briceno, university professor accused of conspiracy, and Secretary of the University of Carabobo, Pablo Aure, who was imprisoned and now is under regime presentation. Cases

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