Thursday,April 09,2020

Jack Ma, a story of overcoming


Jack Ma, a story of overcoming

Henry Ford already said “Failure is a great opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” With this phrase could sum up the history of Chinese tycoon Jack Ma, currently the richest man in China by Forbes magazine

Jack Ma comes from a poor family , raised in the region of Hangzhou under the strict rules of the Chinese Communist Marxist regime. It was never a very good student, in fact twice suspended the entrance examination to college. The mathematics  were the subject was worse was that he himself has acknowledged in interviews that the numbers are not his thing. Instead it was always good at English, so he decided to study teaching. He began teaching English for $ 12 a month.

It was rejected by more than 30 jobs before becoming one of the richest men in the world . He tried to enter the police but was rebuffed with a cold “no good for this.” Another major rebuke happened when he tried to get to work in the fast food chain KFC and the 24 candidates for the job was the only one who could not. He was also fired from a McDonalds. This far I amilanarlo gave momentum to keep outdoing himself. Complain and give up was not within his philosophy, and so showed clear with this sentence: “An entrepreneur must have skills that allow them to withstand the blows of fate and overcome the inevitable failures.”

 Jack Ma continued struggling to surpass himself, and in 1999, when he was 35 years old, founded the company e-commerce internet Alibaba, with an initial capital of $ 50,000. The idea was to contact Chinese manufacturers with foreign companies, incorporating a method of safe buy it worked with a scoring system vendors.

The star-up was financed with the help of a few friends who trusted his idea of business and put the facilities in his apartment. In the first three years the company generated not just income but this did not prevent Jack Ma ahead. Currently Alibaba and Ali express move 80% of e – commerce in China and has 24,000 employees. In 2015 it generated a number of sales of 463,000 million dollars, surpassing other giants like Ebay and Amazon.

Jack Ma finally got his optimism, confidence and faith in what he did give off.