Thursday,April 09,2020

China has lost control of its space station and it will fall on Earth in 2017


China has lost control of its space station and it will fall on Earth in 2017

In one of those stories that seem more a dash of science fiction movie, China announced that its space station Tiangong-1 will fall to Earth sometime in late 2017, confirming what many researchers predicted several months ago: China has lost control of his station .

As expected, China has downplayed the fact mentioning that the Tiangong-1 has entered a “orbit decay,” which translated means that the station is lowering its orbit gradually until it eventually meets our planet sometime in 2017 where the worrying part is that no one knows exactly when or where.

The hope is that disintegrates completely in the atmosphere

The Tiangong-1 is one of the most important achievements for China, who in 2011 managed to put into orbit its first space station that would serve for various research tasks, because remember that China has its own agenda in terms of space research, therefore always they have tried to do things separately.

The station was scheduled for launch in 2010, but due to some problems delayed until 29 September 2011. The mission of Tiangong-1 was in orbit for two years and later set its descent, something that ultimately stay in 1630 days, i.e more than double what was planned initially. This caused that in 2013 all the astronauts on the station received the order to return home and has since remained inactive .

Many of the objects sent into space are scheduled to decrease their orbits, so as to control the fall on oceans or make disintegrate in the atmosphere, but in the case of the Tiangong-1 is not, because China does not know when to enter the station on our planet, so it is impossible to determine where the potential impact. Now the only hope is to disintegrate completely in the atmosphere, which also can not confirm.


This confirms that the station has some sort of bug that does not allow China to control the descent , which of course the country has not mentioned nor confirmed, but could not control the fall is a fact that there is no kind of communication with the Tiangong-1. Now we just be the slope and expect any debris from the station falls into a populated area.