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The Templo Mayor conquered the central consecrated zone of the Aztec center Tenochtitlan. Peak by twin places of worship devoted to the war deity Huitzilopochtli and the rain spirit Tlaloc it was a central point of the Aztec religion and very middle of the Aztec planet. It was also the sight of state incidents such as coronations and the position of innumerable human give up where the blood of the wounded was consideration to give food to and mollify the two immense gods to whom it was enthusiastic.


The Templo Mayor was foremost built in the sovereignty of Itzcoatl, enhanced ahead by his descendant Motecuhzoma I, and another time distended throughout the supremacy of Ahuitzotl . These monarchs, and many others, each in work the possessions and labor given in mark of respect by adjacent states in order to construct a more imposing memorial than their ancestors. According to Aztec information, Templo Mayor was constructed on this mark because an eagle was observed balanced on a cactus consuming a snake, in completion of a prediction. Structure on the shrine commenced a little bit and was distended over the subsequently two hundred years. At the era of the Spanish invasion, the location was the middle of spiritual life for the metropolis of three hundred thousand. The shrine was approximately entirely shattered by the Spaniards subsequent to their invasion of Tenochtitlan and was totally lost awaiting an Aztec statuette was exposed in the spirit of Mexico metropolis. This encouraged widespread excavations, which exposed the carcass of Templo Mayor.


The position was selected with reason as the shrine was a mineral development on the original holy place the foremost settlers of Tenochtitlan had constructed in honor of Huitzilopochtli in the Aztec beginning mythology. As the shrine produced over the existences, contributions and valuable supplies were ritually obscured within its ever increasing layers. The pyramid was arrived at by means of a holy Processional Way built all along an east to west alignment. The Pyramid was in the same way constructed on an east to west alignment so that when at the peak of the staircase one would facade the eastern side and observe together Mount Tlaloc and, on the equinox, observes the daybreak precisely flanked by the two memorials on the higher platform. Situated at the middle of Tenochtitlan the Templo Mayor was the spiritual and communal spirit of the Aztec realm.


Templo Mayor is a huge mineral pyramid with the well known wide stairways and place of worship observed all the way through Mexico. Identical place of worship on the pinnacle of Templo Mayor were devoted to Huitzilopochtli, the spirit of war, and Tlaloc, the rain divinity. These deities were often mollified by human give ups, which took position on an altar far above the ground on the pyramid. The wounded was positioned features up on a chunk of volcanic stone and slay with an obsidian carving knife. The dead body was then terrified down the stairway.