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The Greek traditional Monastery of the Mary, improved identified as Sumela Monastery, forty six kilo meter south of Trabzon, is solitary of the Black Sea shore’s past places of interest. Originated in the fourth century Anno Domini, it was deserted in 1923 after the conception of the Turkish nation and the replace of populations. It emphasizes is the chief cathedral, with spoiled but gorgeously colored wall paintings both within and not in. enduring wide ranging restoration at the moment of explore, it is due to revive. Sumela, whose forename is derivative from close by Mount Melat, sticks doubtfully to an absolute rock hedge, far above the ground evergreen jungles and a hastening mountain rivulet.


The most important essentials of the Monastery multifaceted are the Rock cathedral, numerous chapels, kitchens, student accommodations, a visitor house, a collection, and a holy spring honored by Eastern side Orthodox Christians.

The huge channel at the doorway, which abounding irrigate to the Monastery, is built next to the surface of the rock face. The entry to the Monastery guides up an extensive and fine staircase. The cave, which was transformed into a cathedral, comprises the heart of the monastery. The huge construction with a terrace on the frontage division of the rock face was utilized for the priests’ compartments and for accommodation of guests.


The Rock cathedral at Sumela is a very weird and wonderful construction.  It comes into sight to be stuck fast into the bend of the mountain, at the same time as the apse is completed of bricks and mortar. The chief subject of these frescoes is biblical pictures and pictures depicting the tale of Christ and the Mary.  The internal and external walls of the Rock cathedral, in addition to the ramparts of the adjoining chapel, were tinted on three stages in three diverse eras that date backside to the commencement of the fifteenth century.


 The most important track to the monastery starts on over the walkway precedent the eating place, and is sharp but simple to follow. You will climb three hundred meter in about approximately thirty minutes, the atmosphere mounting perceptibly cooler as you go up all the way through forests and alpine fields. A subsequent track starts on supplementary upward the valley. Go behind the concreted way one kilo meter ascending and transversely two overpass in anticipation of you move toward to a timber bridge above the tributary on the right side. This track hacks in a straight line up all the way through the vegetation, precedent the crust of the Ayavarvara Chapel. It is more often than not much calmer than the chief route and obtains the equal amount of moment.

From the ending of the admission road, where you commons, it is a stroll of fifteen minutes up and all along a lane that be able to be a coarse mount at moments. Subsequent to that move towards one more extensive flight of stepladder up to the entrance, then an additional extended flight downward on the contradictory side.