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Paricutin Volcano is a volcano located in the state of Michoacan, Mexico between the former town of San Juan Parangaricutiro and Angahuan village is the youngest volcano in the Americas. The volcano changed the life of the inhabitants of the Purepecha plateau on 1943, the day he was born. Paricutin is considered as one of the natural wonders of world.


On 1941, Dionisio Pulido, a farmer, was working the land near the village Paricutin, when suddenly it started shaking; the earth opened up and began to emanate a thick vapor, very loud and flying stones. Very frightened, Pulido informed the people. The period of activity of the volcano was nine years, eleven days and ten hours; the lava traveled about ten kilo meter. There were no human casualties, since there was enough time to abandon the whole inhabitants. The volcano obscured only two villages; Paricutin and San Juan Parangaricutiro. The first was completely wiped off the map; very close to it is now the crater. The second village is only visible part of the cathedral, buried by lava, like the remaining people, except for the left tower front and the apse, with the altar.


Paricutin is certainly one of the most eye catching climbs we have in Mexico. Unfortunately the people who visit have drawn impressive amounts of trash. In fact, he had never seen a dirtier place; locals sell fries and soda on the bank of screed, near the church destroyed, and people throw paper bags, bottles and others throughout the area. It is a pity that we preserve our natural areas in a more appropriate manner. Visit the Paricutin volcano is an experience, both for its beauty as for what has meant for the geology of our country. Paricutin, for his recent birth, that is, from zero to as we know it, is considered one of the natural wonders of the world.


You required to be pacing out of Angahuan before morning if you wish to go up Volcano Paricutin. There is no lack of guides with horses in municipality contribution of their services to the spoiled cathedral, volcano, or together, and they will get together you at the means of transportation from Uruapan. Live stocks and a direct ought to charge per person per day. There are two typical ways up the volcano; a fourteen kilometer in a circle trip small route and a twenty four kilo meter encircling trip long course. Live stocks for all time go by means of the extensive route as the small route traverses a lava ground. Whatever the course you obtain, the ultimate jumble up the volcano, a sheer thick sound all the way through temperate black sand is for all time on foot. Approaching down is a dissimilar matter bank on two minutes if you are brave. The typical route stays the San Juan cathedral three kilometers from Angahuan on the mode back. The altar is approximately for all time blessed with multicolored contributions of candles and flora.