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Sultan Ala al-Din Kayqubad had encouraged Mevlana to Konya, obtainable his rose backyard as a appropriate place to put in the ground Baha ud Din Walad, the parent of Mevlana, when he expired in 1231. When Mevlana passed away on 1273, he was obscured subsequently to his father. Mevlana’s descendant Husamettin Celebi constructed a mausoleum above the crucial of his master. The Seljuk building, beneath builder Behrettin Tebrizli, was ended in 1274. Gurcu Hatun, the spouse of the Seljuk Emir Suleyman Pervane, and Emir Alameddin Kayser subsidized the building. As one of the largest pilgrimage hubs in Turkey, the museum continuously hums with power. For Muslim people, this is a very sacred place, and numerous people trip it in a year, the majority of them Turkish. You can see lots of people begging for Rumi’s assist. While ingoing, women are supposed to wrap up their cranium and shoulder, and no one is supposed to wear short clothes.


At the doorway to the burial chamber, the Ottoman silver entrance puts up with the writing; those who go into here unfinished will come out ideal. Take away your shoes before ingoing. Once in the interior of the mausoleum, give the impression of being out for the large bronze April bowl on the left side. Persist all the way through to the fraction of the room in a straight line beneath the fluted arena. Here you can distinguish Mevlana’s crypt, sided by that of his lad Sultan Veled and those of additional well known dervishes. They are all enclosed in velvet covering profound with gold needlework, but those of Mevlana and Veled put up with enormous turbans, cipher of religious power; the numeral of hush up signifies the plane of religious consequence.

The diminutive mosque and semahane to the left part of the funereal cavity surround show signs of such as melodic instruments, the real replica of the Mathnawi, Mevlana’s entreaty rug, and a ninth century gazelle coat Christian script. There is a treasury enclosing filaments of Mohammed’s facial hair, and a replica of the Quran so miniature that its writer went sightless inscription it. Give the impression of being to the left side of the mihrab for a prayer carpet bearing a depiction of the Kaaba at Mecca. The matbah of the cabin is in the southern west place of the quad. It is adorned as it would enclose been in Mevlana’s day, with mannequins wearing clothes as dervishes. Give the impression of being out for the made of wood practice floor board, utilized by beginner dervishes to be trained to spin.


In adding together, the great multifaceted houses an enormous compilation of artifacts fitting in to the Mevlana organize, expensive fitted carpets, metal and made of wood objects of art, melodic apparatus and manuscripts, the majority of which can be established in the diminutive museum that creates up part of the breathing space in the semahane room. The museum itself has an ethnography segment and also a collection with over one thousand seven hundred manuscripts and five hundred paperbacks.