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The Monastery of Batalha ,factually the Monastery of the encounter, is a Dominican convent in the communal parish of Batalha, in the region of Leiria, in the Central area of Portugal. in the beginning, and formally recognized, as the Monastery of Saint Mary of the triumph, it was upright in memorial of the 1385 war of Aljubarrota, and would served up as the funeral cathedral of the fifteenth Century Aviz dynasty of Portuguese royal families. It is one of the most excellent and innovative examples of Late Gothic structural designs  in Portugal, mixed together with the Manueline way.


The monastery was constructed to express thanks to the Mary for the Portuguese triumph over the Castilians in the war of Aljubarrota, rewarding an assurance of King John I of Portugal. The encounter laid a conclusion to the disaster. It obtained more than a century to construct, opening in 1386 and finishing circa 1517, with a leg on each side of the sovereignty of seven kings. It acquired the hard work of fifteen draftsman, although for seven of them the designate was no supplementary than a voluntary title confer on them. The building requisites a huge endeavor, utilizing astonishing possessions of men and objects. Innovative methods and artistic methods, up till now unidentified in Portugal, were organized.

Effort commenced by the Portuguese builder Afonso Dominguez who sustained. He illustrates up the arrangement and lots of of the constructions in the cathedral and the cloister are his responsibility. His method was basically Rayonnant Gothic; nevertheless there are powers from the English Perpendicular era. There are resemblances with the frontage of York preacher  and with the nave and transept of Canterbury Church.


The huge, domed Gothic internal is simple, extensive and far above the ground, temperate by glow from the bottomless hued discolored glass windowpanes. A few of the internal was at first tinted. To the right side as you go into is the complicated Founder’s Chapel, an achingly good looking, haughty, star domed four sided figure room lighted by an octagonal lamp. In the middle are the joint vault of Joao I and his English spouse, Philippa of Lancaster, whose matrimony in 1387 paved the coalition that at a rest survives amid Portugal and England. The vaults of their four youngest sons line up the southern side wall of the chapel, as well as that of Henry the guide.

Afonso Dominguez, master of workings for the duration of the late 1380s, constructed the tremendous Royal Cloister in a Gothic method, but it is the later on Manueline accompaniments by the huge Mateus Fernandez that in fact acquire your gasp away. Each curve is a intertwine of comprehensive limestone carvings of Manueline ciphers, such as armillary globes and traverses of the sort of Christ, tangled with writhing shrubbery, striking flowers and maritime motifs bump and grenades. Three elegant cypresses resonance the outline of the Gothic spires on the top of the adjoining sub division residence.