Thursday,June 20,2019

We will soon see the Pokemon Go app on Apple Watch


We will soon see the Pokemon Go app on Apple Watch

At the end of the year will be available Pokemon Go application on the Apple Watch the Cupertino firm.

Niantic and Apple Watch and confirmed during the last Apple event, which took place on September 7, the integration of Pokemon Go on Apple Watch the end of the year. The phenomenon of the summer will be well on our wrists shortly, which will involve a much more complete experience of the famous game.

Go Pokemon in the Apple Watch

Go Pokemon application in the Apple Watch will be available, as we mentioned above, before the end of 2016, so that can be downloaded from the App Store .

Thus, users can walk and measure the distance they lack achievements to unlock, locate pokemons and pokemons mature eggs, among other things. In addition, they can also receive notifications at the time they have a pokemon close, to get the smartphone to capture the creature, without the need to carry on and hand the phone all the time.

Also come to Android Wear

Everything indicates that Pokémon Go has put the spotlight on smart watches. And, as we shall see Pokémon Go on the Apple Watch , they have now also heard rumors that soon will also come to Android smart watches. In fact, on the lines of the game for Android smartphones code, we have found some references to smart watches Android Wear .Therefore, it seems that there will be some functions that allow Android users to play with the doll without having to unlock the phone.

His own bracelet “Pokemon Go Plus”

Nor should we forget, that Niantics Labs and The Plémon Company, had announced that, on September 16 would be available first official smart bracelet, the ” Pokemon GO Plus “. As indicated in” Pokemon GO Plus is a small device that lets you enjoy Pokemon GO wherever you go without having to look at your smartphone. The device connects to the mobile phone via Bluetooth low energy and, via a LED and vibration notifies the player about game events, such as the appearance of a Pokemon in the vicinity.”

How does it work

Thus, when a Pokemon close to the user, the light of your Pokemon GO Plus flashes. In addition, also it flash and vibrate in the moment in which pass near a pokeparada. Moreover, at the moment there is a Pokemon close, the user must press the button on the smart bracelet to launch a Pokeball, so flashes and vibrates to alert the user if it has managed to catch the Pokemon.

As for pokeparadas, smart bracelet also flashes and vibrates when there is a fence, so to press the button to find objects in it. In the case of finding objects are added immediately to the user’s inventory of objects.

GO Pokemon update 0.37.1

Go Pokemon has been updated to version 0.37.1 , in time for the launch of its smart bracelet. This update comes to correct some small problems with your Pokemon GO Plus.

Super Mario comes to iOS

The arrival of Super Mario Run for iOS was one of the big surprises of the last Apple event.It would be the first Nintendo game for mobile, and come first Apple operating system, but will soon also be available for other platforms.

The game will include classical mechanics platforms, and Battle, so users can beat other amitos and to know who achieves a higher score mode. This battle mode will also allow users to play with other players around the world, without having to be your friends.

Super Mario Run will feature three game modes different: A first mode, with challenging levels; a second mode, so users can fight with others; and a third mode in which users can create their own Mushroom Kingdom with coins collected by playing in the first two game modes.

As you can see, games are revolutionizing mobile, and also soon we will also see a Pokémon Go on the Apple Watch, to also play from a smart watch and to perform different actions from the wrist. Thus, Pokémon Go on Apple Watch offers users a completely new gaming experience. How about this news?