Wednesday,August 21,2019

So you can send a Whatsapp GIF from a video


So you can send a WhatsApp GIF from a video

 Animated GIFs are already in WhatsApp, and the messaging application allows users to create and send them to your contacts. Do not miss sending a GIF in WhatsApp.

While the most popular messaging app announced the arrival of the GIFs to chat conversations. Now, it is possible to send a GIF through WhatsApp from a video created by the user himself, or video that is stored on our device.

Remember that other rival WhatsApp applications, as is the case Telegram, for example, already allow long sending this type of content moving in their chats. The option comes to WhatsApp, but it does differently. We explain step by step, how you can send a GIF through WhatsApp .

Steps to send a GIF in WhatsApp

The first step to send a GIF in WhatsApp , is to install the latest beta version of the messaging application , since it is an option that is not yet available in stores apps. To do this, you must download the APK from the page WhatsApp in . Once installed the latest version of WhatsApp, you must follow these steps to send GIFs in the app:

  1. Press the button to attach (which is shaped clip)
  2. Choosing the camera
  3. Choose the option of recording video
  4. Record a video and accept the recording once it is already finished
  5. Trim the video, until, in the upper right corner of the screen, an icon appears shaped camera
  6. Pressing that button will appear another that puts GIF (this is not necessary pressed, since it means that the video is sent as an animated GIF)
  7. Send the video already become GIF contact or group you want

You should be aware that all this so you can do from a video you have saved in the gallery of your smarthpone , following the same steps, but accessing the gallery rather than the camera.

It is also necessary that the user receives the animated GIF , have the latest version of Whatsapp installed to view it .

Limited duration of gif

Another point to consider is that, GIFs in WhatsApp last a few 6 or 7 seconds. If the video is longer, then it will be sent in video form.

Moreover, once sent an animated GIF in a chat to a friend or group, it will play automatically , and it will not for at any time, so always look moving to disappear on the screen.

What is expected for the future of the GIFs in WhatsApp

In the near future, it is expected that a new update Whatsapp take full GIFs chats, not just those created by users through videos. In addition, we know that it will be possible toaccess the Giphy GIFs from the app messaging through a search engine, to send the most popular page GIFs. This is something you already have other applications such as Telegram or Messenger, for example.

WhatsApp can share your phone number with Facebook

WhatsApp more news to come, and one of them is generating some controversy because it involves sharing the phone number of users with Facebook . Thus, as the company itself explained in a statement on its official blog ( ):

“However, by working with Facebook, we will follow up other activities such as statistics on the use of our services, or better combat unsolicited messages (spam) in WhatsApp. And when you connect your number with Facebook systems, this can give you better suggestions of friends and show ads that are relevant to you if you have an account with them. For example, you can see an advertisement by a company with which you have already communicated, rather than one by a trade you’ve ever heard. ”

In another section, the company also explains that: ” Nothing you share on WhatsApp, including your messages, photos, and profile information will be shared on Facebook or any of the subsidiaries applications Facebook for others to see .”

As you can see, soon you come new to WhatsApp to try to improve the user experience in your own app messaging and Facebook. In addition, for the moment, you can already try to send a GIF in WhatsApp from a video created for yourself, as explained in the above. We must wait to see more news related to GIFs. What do you think the new option to send GIFs in WhatsApp?