Thursday,December 13,2018

The Snapdragon 625 is confirmed for the Xiaomi Redmi 4

Snapdragon 625 confirmed Xiaomi redmi 4

Snapdragon 625 confirmed Xiaomi redmi 4

Just yesterday I talked about the new Xiaomi terminal that will be released this month, redmi 4. It is certainly one of the best selling company in China ranges and leads the market with a clear advantage over their competitors. Thanks to their designs and specifications can say it is one of the best terminals that can buy for the midrange, as we will have everything we need.

The redmi 3 was released officially in January, so it’s been about 8 months since its launch and Xiaomi has already launched the campaign to present the successor. We assume that this strategy works the company to, as we see a great niche market for this particular model.Yesterday we told you about the processor that would bring the new Xiaomi redmi 4, which could not be confirmed, since it was a mere speculation of a user. Today we have enough information to confirm this information.

Xiaomi is still committed to Qualcomm in this range

Xiaomi bet Qualcomm is one of the best things we have in the redmi range as it leaves us enough peace of mind to know that we are buying performance and quality. Maybe in China do not mind so much a terminal carrying a MediaTek SoC, but in our country and in the world market with better eyes see the implementation of a Qualcomm chip.

If yesterday we told you possibly redmi processor 4 would be the Snapdragon 625, today we can confirm. Thanks to a leak coming from Geekbench we can know that the redmi 4 will come with one of the best mid-range processors that the company has dragon. It is not the strongest, but certainly for a 5-inch screen accompanied by 3GB of RAM is more than enough.

We’ll see when Xiaomi presents its new terminal, as the filtered speech date of August 25, but until we see some teaser we can not confirm.