Monday,September 16,2019

Snapchat comes new features to Whatsapp


Snapchat comes new features to WhatsApp

In the beta version of WhatsApp it is possible to find some new options that copy to the new features of Snapchat, such as stickers on photos, can draw, etc.

It seems that all social platforms have put the spotlight on Snapchat , the application most popular ephemeral messaging. WhatsApp would not be outdone, and now has released a new update that can already be found in its beta version, which includes new features Snapchat, as options to add stickers to photos, drawing, etc.

Snapchat New Features in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is aware that the pictures are very important for users, as demonstrated with the use given to other platforms like Snapchat, Facebook Messenger or Instagram , which can now write and draw on photos, add emoticons and stickers, and share them with your contacts.

Now, WhatsApp has come up with new features Snapchat your application, such as sending photos with emoji, stickers, text or drawings made by hand. This is new features that are now available to users who have the beta version of the app (2.16.263).

They appear in the top bar

These new options would be on the top bar, in the place where, until now, appeared the icon to resize or crop the picture. Thus, now also you will be new icons to crop, add stickers, text or drawing.

The text on images, can be long the user wants. In addition, the application will have a wide range of stickers, much like emoticons, but they are redesigned to be more like the stickers of other apps, such as Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat. Moreover, users will have the option to make drawings by hand on the image, but will not have the option to change the size of the stroke, something that is possible on other platforms, such as Instagram Stories, for example .

One thing to keep in mind it is that all users receive the retouched images, even without the latest beta version of WhatsApp installed on your smartphone.

Flash in front selfies

Another interesting new feature of WhatsApp plus arrival at the app Snapchat all these features is the option to use the front camera flash to take a selfie from WhatsApp. If you have a high – end phone, you may already have built – frontal flash.

How is it possible?

The interesting thing about this new feature to get the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS, is that it allows users to take a photo with the front camera without the need for a flash on the device. This is possible thanks to an interesting trick that can be done in lower – end smartphones. What makes WhatsApp is mortise to a brighter screen when you take the picture tone, to come out better in low light even count.

To do this, in itself messaging application, you need to dial the flash icon interface the Whatsapp, so that the screen can switch to that brighter tone at the time of the selfie.

More news from WhatsApp

Recently also we talked about the new WhatsApp option to send a GIF in the application. Thus, in the post “you can send a GIF So WhatsApp from a video”, explain how GIFs reach the messaging app differently to other applications and platforms. Thus, it is possible to send a GIF through the application but created by the user from a video saved on the smartphone or recorded by it.

In this case, GIFs have a maximum duration of about 6 or 7 seconds . Also, something interesting is that once sent an animated GIF in a conversation WhatsApp, it will be played automatically, and will not stop at any time, so always look in motion until it disappears on the screen.

As you can see, to get many new options WhatsApp , and some of them remind us much to the characteristics of Snapchat ever. In this sense, WhatsApp and took to include such options because, other applications such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter, or Instagram Stories, already have long with a variety of features that have been added Snapchat gradually. It remains to be seen if WhatsApp have the same success on other platforms such functionalities.How about?