Monday,July 22,2019

Samsung grows while Apple is low this is the global picture of smartphones

Samsung grows while Apple is low this is the global picture of smartphones

Samsung grows while Apple is low this is the global picture of smartphones

We are in the era of financial results where we have seen the participation of major manufacturers, with Apple falling for the second consecutive quarter and Samsung celebrating have found the key to woo consumers.But how is the scene of smartphones in the world after the second quarter of 2016?

The firm’s research and analysis IDC is presenting a new report , it reveals the global picture of smartphones in the first half of 2016, where we see some major changes over the same quarter last year and surprises that few expected .

The sale of smartphones has reached its peak

During the second quarter of 2016 of 343.3 million smartphones worldwide, a figure that represents sold an increase of only 0.3% over the previous year , which means that these devices have reached a point where it seems that no longer grow more, and the next will see a possible stabilization or even a fall, as only have to look at the numbers for the first quarter of the year where growth stood at 0.2%.

As expected, following the trend of previous years, Samsung continues to lead as the manufacturer most smartphones sold in the world, with sales of 77 million devices and a market share of 22.4%, ie, more than one fifth of the total market belongs to the South Koreans, this means that compared to last year are facing a significant increase of 5.5% , as in previous quarters came to stagnate at an average of 1%.

In second place is Apple, who has a completely different scenario andconcern regarding Samsung, as the Cupertino managed to sell 40.4 million units to move to a share of 11.8%, this represents a sharp drop 15% compared to what we had a year ago.

On the other hand, Apple is threatened by Huawei, who during the last year has presented good bets on the market that have made it climb to third place with 32.1 million devices sold during the second quarter of 2016, this represents one 8.4% increase compared to that seen a year ago, falling to 9.4% of global share.

But that certainly is the case most surprising is the Oppo, who increased their sales in a brutal 136.6% to remain as the fourth largest manufacturer in the world, with sales of 22.6 million smartphones and participation 6.6%. And top 5 is completed by the Vivo brand, which has been another surprise and together with Oppo have disappeared Lenovo, LG and Xiaomi this select group of leading companies in selling smartphones.

Samsung grows while Apple is low this is the global picture of smartphones

With this we can see a changing market and begins to mature , but also runs the risk of stagnating, as brands such as Oppo, Vivo and Huawei, all Chinese, have played the card design featuring attractive devices with functions aimed at specific segments all under attractive prices they have been well received by the market, while Apple has realized that it can not continue under the plan have teams high -end, for it has come diversification through the iPhone SE, which has also been well it received but still not enough to face the fierce competition.

Thus, in the following months we will see changes in strategies, greater commitment to design and innovation, as well as a drop in prices which will place the high end at a more affordable price for everyone, as consumers have given that it is not necessary to spend much money to have an attractive and powerful terminal, which will refresh cycles are extended to more than two years, which is the average current, because not only the devices have matured, also consumers