Saturday,January 19,2019

PS4 Pro, first impressions: who hits first hits twice?

PS4 Pro, first impressions: who hits first hits twice?

PS4 Pro, first impressions: who hits first hits twice?

The announcement of the PS4 Pro -no Neo PS4 as the rumors pointed surprised us at the strategic level, and has done so because Sony has chosen not to be so ambitious and attack the market with a console that is not at all a revolution, but an intelligent twist to the platform that currently dominates the market.

This enhanced version of the traditional PS4 is perhaps more modest and conservative than some expected, but our first impressions leave a clear conclusion: if it works, do not touch . Or at least do not touch much.

An even more consistent experience

Sony’s message during this conference has been aimed at highlighting the increasing importance of TVs with 4K and HDR support, but the fact is that this console may not provide native 4K experience .

Sony itself recognizes that this is not a next-generation console , and the official press release reminds us that “the first time in the history of the PlayStation a high-end system occurs in the middle of the life cycle platform”.

Internal improvements are notable especially in the section of the GPU had a gross yield of 1.84 TFLOPS in conventional PS4 to 4.20 TFLOPS of PS4 Pro More than twice the graphics power that will have a key impact. in that support 4K and HDR.

4,000 modes escalations

During our tests we have confirmed support 4K is, though striking, not as impressive as would a native 4K mode Differences with 1080p games are sensitive to the scaling 4K, but nobody incredible leap is expected. There is not.

Self Andrew House , president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, commented how the PS4 Pro is aimed at “players seeking an enhanced experience PS4”¬†and that’s what gives us this review.

Where did notice some clear benefits it is in the future of PS VR , which now has much more room to offer quality experiences. As with the 4K mode, VR PS games will be compatible with all PS4, but the PS4 Pro will be sensitive visual enhancements that will benefit developers.

One of the disappointment comes in the field of Blu-ray player that integrate consoles: Sony has decided to keep the drive but not to jump into Blu-ray 4K , which for example Microsoft has itself done with the Xbox One S.

Sony’s console can not therefore play these discs but itself can scale video content 4K and, yes, play native content via streaming as announced after speaking of agreements with Netflix and YouTube, which does offer thanks to the applications available on the platform. We could not see these options in operation, but this could be a point against a console that has fewer options in this regard.

The HDR support we like, and much

Demonstrations of the games that we saw on stage showed that indeed there visually significant improvements, but the scaling 4000 beat him another option .

Curiously , the HDR support was even more striking for that greater wealth in the dynamic range color : higher contrast and more vivid for scenes that certainly are more striking colors.

This is important considering that Sony HDR stand out as the current PS4 reach through a firmware update in the coming days, so the owners of the “old” consolescan access at least that advantage .

What is the initial verdict? Obviously if you have a 4K TV with HDR and you were thinking about buying a PS4 this model is particularly interesting, but it is difficult to justify the jump if you were already own a PS4 unless that 4K scaling that provide some visual enhancements is important for you.