Saturday,February 16,2019

Possible features of the Samsung Galaxy filtered S8


Possible features of the Samsung Galaxy filtered S8

Samsung has shown us that it is a company that has enough market power, and has proven to be one of the companies that has more risky at times. I could see long ago when they opted for the Note family, a mobile with a huge screen at the time, but now that screen size has been established and is the perfect size for high-end devices . Last year Samsung innovated by putting the first curved screen market its high-end terminal, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

This year with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Samsung has improved all the details which escaped in the older generation. It has got a mobile much more complete, with the possibility of expanding the internal memory with micro SD cards, a new technology focus on the camera or more features within their layer of customization. With Note 7 all you have to do is capture all S7 improvements in a larger screen with the addition of S-Pen.

Samsung ride 30 megapixel camera

As always, whenever a brand takes a new terminal, a few weeks we started hearing rumors about the new terminal. May be somewhat excessive but because people are interested in their mobile next and therefore begin to leak details about it, which sometimes can be wrong. As we see in the picture lead the new generation of Qualcomm processors, 6 GB RAM and 30 megapixel camera that is what more strange, since the last generations, Samsung has opted for a smaller number of megapixels.

This information must take it with tweezers, as it may be possible, but missing so long to put on the market can change many things. We look to see if more information to discuss it, filtered moment, we have to settle with this leak.