Sunday,May 19,2019

No, Microsoft has not forgotten mobile, apparently they were just clueless


No, Microsoft has not forgotten mobile, apparently they were just clueless

We took him reading a few days ago, news of which all means we have echoed and laying in the cross hairs to the Lumia phones under seal. Some phones that seem to be have the days .

All indications are that it will , so much so that although no official confirmation everyone assumes that the Lumia brand would cease to exist from next December. The future of Microsoft mobile is in the air and at this point no one he had gone to give any official explanation.

At least so far, as users of the system Microsoft Mobile have expressed concern on social networks to the point that Dona Sarkar , we remember, it is responsible for the Windows Insider program has finished responding via Twitter to the concerns of some users.

Dona Sarkar gave his opinion on the current situation of the Lumia brand, indicating that they are themselves involved with mobile development, although it has not confirmed (which was expected) which is the future from Microsoft have prepared for mobile manufacturing.

In the same way it has referred to other manufacturers to launch new devices with Windows 10 Mobile, claiming that these models will be added to the Insider program as it exits the market.

An opinion, we can not deny, somewhat tempered. A kind of warm cloth to soothe the doubts generated among users who however does not clarify anything. It is neither white nor black, but the opposite could be said.

Hot packs for a complicated situation

The fact is that despite the words of Dona (have to give a brand image) what is clear is that Microsoft has changed its position and it seems that abandoning the hardware ( including the future of the band is in the air ) is a fact for third manufacturers.

An idea that is not bad but we must not forget that it has a significant handicap.There is almost no third party manufacturers now support the platform . HP and its Elite x3 , some phone Acer and Alcatel Idol 4 Pro that about is very interesting that we can find but it is, stop counting.

This means that right from Microsoft have an ace in the Mangan and encourage third Рparty manufacturers to create phones with Windows 10 Mobile or abandonment of the Lumia brand is nothing more than a transition to an expected ( and perhaps late Surface Phone ) . Otherwise, we fear that the future of Microsoft in the mobile world pretty black paint and waited wrong.