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These are the new features included WhatsApp already available in other services


These are the new features included WhatsApp already available in other services

Sure, if you are fond of Technology, and you heard the latest news about WhatsApp: the service just added the ability to carry out references to specific users in group discussions. One feature that is extremely useful but is not anything new .

So much so, that some utilities such as instant messaging Telegram take a while using them . A reality that has led us to wonder about the alleged other developments including app has been throughout his career and has “copied” from other services.And these have been our findings.


First, yes, we delve a little deeper into this new system which, incidentally, comes a little green , as there are highlighted among other notifications and may be lost with other messages. In addition, it does not work when specific phone numbers, that is, even that of a user who is on the list, the system does not recognize the numbers and sample as is mentioned.

However, it introduces the possibility of calling attention to a particular member in case you have silenced and the other group. It just write @nombredelapersona to show us the app directly contacts may be mentioned.

The ability to “send GIFs”

Nor can we stop talking about this feature: the “send GIFs” , a text that entrecomillamos because it is not such files themselves, but in late August , the company launched the possibility of sending moving pictures a somewhat particular way.

A feature that reached its beta version and, as we said, does not leave us send an animated GIF, but allows us to share a video as an animated GIF up to 6 seconds. A content that will loop automatically in the preview into the conversation and a procedure that can know in detail here.

In any event, a benefit that is still far from what they offer Facebook Messenger or Telegram . In fact, this first added in mid-October last year a button with which you can search for GIF files directly from the conversation.

As for Telegram it was in April 2014 when he joined the support for this kind of files and not only that, but in January this year improved its system for sharing out faster and more convenient . Specifically, increased delivery speed and making GIFs download up to 20 times faster and included a tab for them in the menu stickers.

Stickers and stickers on photos

Also recently, we have also seen in the beta version of WhatsApp, the appearance of a feature that lets us incorporate stickers and stickers on pictures and videos . A novelty in the purest Snapchat style that follows the line marked by Zuckerberg in other tools company and Instagram.

The tools to do this are directly activate the camera and options also are somewhat limited . For example, in the case of freehand drawing is not possible to change the dimension of the line and the color picker will not let in any way change saturation or brightness.

In addition, we can not help but comment that the stickers introduced on the video are static . That is, unlike Snapchat, which features animated stickers able to adapt to themovement, the WhatsApp stick on the video and always remain in the same place, regardless of the content playback.

Zoom while recording a video

Two months ago WhatsApp also introduced the ability to zoom while recording a video from the application itself. A feature present in Telegram for some time and that, in any case, does little, if we consider that always a better quality is obtained if we chose to record video directly from the app camera of our device and share a posteriori.

Snapchat was also ahead when include this option. Specifically it did in May this year.An addition that came with version of the app and that, as in the case cited, gives users the ability to zoom d while shooting a movie.

Emojis larger

As for emoji larger remind us tremendously to those of Facebook Messenger , whose origins date back to 2013. A distance of three years, however, it has not prevented WhatsApp is positioned at the head of messaging applications snapshot.

WhatsApp web

Moreover, the idea of creating a service platform also has its precedents in Telegram, pioneer in creating your desktop client Telegram Desktop. A tool that gave birth to theend of September 2014 and an option WhatsApp did not give up 2016 May this.

One version, yes, somewhat different, that does not require any installation and is accessible from the browser itself . One of the few benefits has improved over its direct competitor. Since then, he has had time to do ( nearly two years , no less).

Even LINE beat him in this regard, as it was in July 2015 when he presented his own extension for Google Chrome. In March of that year and went on version 4.0 of its desktop client, who was born in late November 2012.

IP calls

As for IP calls, WhatsApp’s unveiled in April 2015 . Something that was not new, for Hangouts and Skype had time to use them. In fact, even users of Facebook Messenger enjoyed them for some two years. Nor can we forget Viber, one of the forerunners of VoIP calls, or LINE . The latter launched its IP calls in May 2014.

Flash for selfies

Earlier this month it – and with style videos to GIF and zoom within the camera WhatsApp included another feature that had already seen Telegram: the display illumination to improve the capture selfies. A sort of substitute for frontal flash that slightly improves the results. In any case, one of the pioneers was Snapchat, which in April 2014 launched this feature for the first time.

Text Format

This summer, on the other hand, WhatsApp began to allow us to format text, ie, include bold, italic, strikethrough and even change the font. A function explained in his day in more detail and which, however, is not the original. Indeed, because that old MSN Messenger already had something very similar .

Button to share documents

Button to share documents, WhatsApp incorporated in May, it was also “copied” from Telegram. However, the latter still has some interesting advantages over it, as it is possible to send any file, regardless of the file extension and up to a limit of 1.53 GB. And from February 2015 .

Fast answer

Quick response, also landed on WhatsApp Beta on March 28, 2016 . However, it was more than two months Hangouts 7.0 for Android beat him . Both, in any case, allow respond to a message directly from the notification that he has informed us.