Monday,September 16,2019

How to make your own virtual reality glasses in cardboard


How to make your own virtual reality glasses in cardboard

Who would have thought a few years ago to enjoy virtual reality suffice cardboard and two lenses like the ones our grandmother used to watch closely. But this is: Google democratized technology that seemed unattainable for most mortals.

The Google Cardboard were presented at the Google I / O 2014 after a string of impressive new features. Android L (Lollipop was not yet), Android One, Android TV, Android Auto and cardboard glasses that Google intended to bring virtual reality to anyone.I remember the comments and laughter of those days. But you see, were visionaries.

Google Cardboard, virtual reality goggles for all

Virtual reality always ran into several problems. The price of the devices was one of them. Complex display systems, sensors Prototypes were within reach of very few pockets, as happened with the legendary Virtual Boy Nintendo NES.

 In Google they thought: why not take advantage of the potential that has all smartphone to create a stand that play virtual reality? Thus it arose democratization of virtual reality ,as I said before. In fact, anyone who wants to try the famous VR can be yours easily. You dare?

Be thinking to buy a Google Cardboard is much easier to do them; but, as would any DIY enthusiast “Everything is more enjoyable when you do it yourself”. Except Well, I better keep the joke.

First download planes

Do not say: I will make myself my own virtual reality glasses. Who said fear? I start with the planes, which can be downloaded from the website of Google Cardboard . Although I recommend the design made on Instructables . 5 pages printed on paper, I went to the cardboard, cut out and ready.

Wait, you first have to choose the carton. In Instructables use a pizza box, guaranteed good results;Google recommends the typical cardboard shoe box; and I chose the milk carton box. Hey, I’ve seen a lot of Art Attack.

This is all you need

Come up with a list of tools and materials.

  • printed plans.
  • Paperboard. It must be thin thickness, such as having the shoe boxes. I did the Google Cardboard with a milk crate and was too thick.
  • A cutter. You can also use scissors and punch, but I recommend the cutter.
  • Zeal.
  • Glue for paper and cardboard.
  • Two lenses for Google Cardboard. You can buy them here .
  • Velcro.
  • In the case of put (recommended, although I dispensed with him), a scroll button conductive tape.

How Google made homemade Cardboard

It is time to get down to work. How the famous cardboard glasses are made? I recorded the video tutorial so you can easily follow step by step.

Easy, is not it? To me it did not seem so simple, but I recognize that yes I had a good time. So, if you dare, tell us your experience. And pictures, we want pictures.