Monday,September 16,2019

HTC will be Presenting the New HTC U11 Smartphone with Features

HTC will be Presenting the New HTC U11 Smartphone with Features

HTC  launch the new device  HTC U11 (or HTC Ocean ) on 16th May and we have already seen its first results in GFXBench, as well as in Antutu and Geekbench. We are not surprised both the score of the same but the hardware and features of the HTC U11 Ocean, the new beast of HTC.

As I just mentioned, this new HTC U11 brings with it leading hardware, as we could not expect more if it is to reach the high end of this second half of the year. Let us see the specifications below.

Features of the HTC U11 Ocean

If we take a look at their processor, we can see that they have not played it and have decided to bet on it safe; We talked about the Snapdragon 835 , with  Adreno 540 as a graphics chip. RAM also accompanies the raw power of the processor, as we have 4 GB of RAM, although we could expect more.

As for the screen, we have a resolution of 1440 × 2560 , the famous 2K. Noteworthy is also (although worse) the absence of the jack of 3.5 mm, although HTC would include in the box an adapter in the purest Apple style.

Photographic Section

If we talk about the photographic section it seems that HTC bets on megapixels, finding a 16 mpx rear camera and a front of 12. We will see in the respective comparatives if it can compete with the main cameras in the market (Galaxy S8, LG G6, Huawei P10 and iPhone 7). As for storage, it seems that we will find a single unit of 64 GB , something sufficient for most users.HTC will be Presenting the New HTC U11 Smartphone with FeaturesFinally, will have the latest version of Android available to date: Android 7.1.1 , a minimum if you intend to fight in the high range. We’ll see if the updates come with the upcoming version of Android O, as it is not the first time HTC has thrown users with an outdated version of Android.

As we have seen, HTC bets strong this year 2017, and is that this could be your last chance to do with a niche market that has been neglecting in recent years, with models lacking personality and disappointing in many ways.

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