Saturday,June 15,2019

Have you hacked into the NSA? This is all that is known so far

Have you hacked into the NSA? This is all that is known so far

Have you hacked into the NSA? This is all that is known so far

A previously unknown group of hackers calling itself “Shadow Brokers” , has come to proclaim himself as the first to have accessed the National Security Agency of the United States, the now famous NSA, and have drawn a lot of files which disclose various spy tools that have been used worldwide.

This mysterious group of hackers claims to have in his possession a large collection of files belonging to the division of spying NSA , which succeeded thanks to break the security of Equation Group , which is the largest group of cyberspies that was discovered in a report last year Kaspersky. Now all these files are being auctioned the highest bidder.

The most sophisticated spy tools for a million bitcoins

So far there are conflicting versions regarding the veracity of the attack and the validity of Shadow Brokers, this because of his methods somewhat strange where for example all the information has been published in Tumblr (the page has been┬áremoved ), site where you can read the group ‘s demands and a sample of the files that have been extracted from the NSA servers.

Second, the alleged hackers have already released 40% of the files to validate their actions, among which we find sophisticated tools such as Stuxnet, the computer worm that was discovered in June 2010 and was used to attack the uranium enrichment facilities in Iran and espionage programs aimed at products from Cisco, Juniper, and TopSec Fortigate, a security firm specializing in Chinese networks.

Shadow Brokers is asking for the remaining 60% of the information a million bitcoins , approximately 568 million dollars. The strange thing about all this is, I repeat, the method, as the public broadcaster has been placed in the aforementioned Tumblr, but there is no certainty of knowing who has bid more for information, even how much has been achieved, if you really are will deliver the rest of the files, or there will be some sort of refund to be the highest bidder

For this, Shadow Brokers has placed a FAQ where they try to “clarify” the doubts and explain under an English badly drafted and misspellings why should we trust them, what they mention that without trust there is no risk if want rewards have to take the risk, maybe you win, maybe you lose, what is a fact is that there is no guarantee .

Next to this FAQ, Brokers Shadow have placed various messages where they show their ideology and explain part of the process that led them to seize these files, where a curious part is to ensure that they had access to computers Equation Group , which up the time is known as the group of world ‘s most sophisticated hackers and has operated in secret for more than two decades, which makes the credibility of Shadow Brokers put into question.

Are the actual files?

Now let us enter the story, because if Shadow Brokers and their methods are not enough credible what about the content they’ve released? Here it gets interesting, because according to computer security experts can not determine 100% the veracity of those tools of espionage, this because the group has been commissioned to publish key parts but not the whole tool, however, code samples tell us that the development coincides with the work of the agency .

Claudio Guarnieri , technology expert for Amnesty International, says that the hack is credible.

Nicholas Weaver , a researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, is also convinced that the files are real and the NSA is in serious trouble if these tools come into the wrong hands.

But there is also the other side, who claim that it is one perpetrated by the same NSA to confuse operation and know who or who is behind a possible attack on the United States, something I do not think it is very difficult to guess, and which it is believed to have some connection with the hacking that suffered the Democratic Party of the United States , which have sold us as if it was a plan of a lone Romanian, but apparently there is information that goes beyond that .

As expected, the NSA no one from the government has come out, nor will, to comment about it . It ‘s too early to know everything that surrounds this course hacking , though the subject is present and there are many interested to know and learn thoroughly these spy tools, which would again looks to the United States, of┬ácourse, as long as they confirm that everything is real. We will be watching because this seems very interesting.