Monday,March 25,2019

Guide to choosing the best processor eight-core

Guide to choosing the best processor eight-core

Guide to choosing the best processor eight-core

When we buy a smartphone, the first intention of any user is to obtain the best result for the best price. Logically, the technical specifications of this smartphone play an essential role in the final result but in many cases, depending on the range to buy, we focus too much on a feature and forget others. Thus, for a higher price we would have a result virtually the same as a smartphone with very balanced characteristics.

The key and engine of our smartphone component, the processor is responsible for allowing the system to provide support for better or worse features , therefore, if for example we want a smartphone that has less than 4 GB we will not focus on find a processor that allows up to 6 GB as it would be an added cost. Today, in the company of taking advantage Bluboo and has introduced a smartphone that defines the relationship we are talking about perfectly , we are going to help you choose the best processor.

Not always a more expensive processor and more support provides better result

As we mentioned, the processor is one of the keys to success in buying a smartphone . A once known this fact, we will have to focus on a processor that provides support for the technical specifications we want, and not one that is able to offer better features, as the smartphone would not.

Regarding processors medium-high range, the first manufacturer that comes to mind is MediaTek, which recently brought to market three processors acclimated each in different price ranges. These three processors are : MediaTek MT 6755, MT 6750 and MT 6753. Shelling specifications of each processor find the answer to finding our proper smartphone.

On the one hand we have the best features of the 3, the MT 6755 would offer support to the 4G network 6- category up to 300 Mbps – has a clock speed of up to 2 GHz, the powerful Mali T860 in the graphical environment and to quality resolution Full HD . Likewise, the processor provide support in the photographic environment sensor to 21 megapixels or a dual sensor up to 16 megapixels + 8 megapixels.

At the bottom we find the MT 6753 still offering support resolutions up to Full HD and reduce the quality of the camera sensor up to 16 megapixels in a single sensor and offer no support for a dual sensor. In the other features of this processor we would see the decline in quality due to considerably lower price.

Right in the middle we find the MT 6750 that provides the perfect combination of MT 6755 and MT 6753 , having a fairly low cost and maintaining some of the best features of MT 6755, such as a clock speed of up to 1.5 GHz, the category 6 network 4 G, the same graphics processor, support for fast charging MediaTek-PumpExpress 2.0- and up to 4 GB of RAM.

With these data, for example, a smartphone like the OPPO R 9, has risen in price due to carrying the MT 6755 when you do not get to use the potential of this processor, so carry the MT 6750 would have reflected a lower price, making more attractive. A good example of optimization is the Bluboo Maya Max , located at 139.99 dollars on pre-sale on its official website , through which uses the MT 6750 processor and of course use its full potential.