Friday,February 28,2020

Google Allo point: WhatsApp competitor would be launched this week

Google Allo point: WhatsApp competitor would be launched this week

Google Allo point: WhatsApp competitor would be launched this week

Not that Google lacks experience in the field of instant messaging, which Talk or Hangouts are heavyweights in their application portfolio . Although that does not prevent him continuing innovation, as already anticipated in the previous Google I / O: Allo Duo and were presented as renovation messaging and video calls.

Google Duo round for some time by the Google Play Store : the app harvest more than 10 million installations in addition to very good reviews, including mine. Now I look forward to the missing application, Google Allo. It seems that we will not have to wait too.

All was clear that should not be much for launch, especially after Google Duo to settle in the alphabetical catalog company. And was Evan Blass , the mythical “filtering” news, who put everyone on track Released: Google Allo be put into circulation this Wednesday September 21 .

 We know nothing else besides this date and what leaked over the months following the announcement of Google I / O. Allo is a messaging app that extends no more than your opponents as WhatsApp or Star Telegram. Chat one to one, group,  secret chats that self – destruct , stickers covering all kinds of styles and emotions … With an element that stands above the rest.

Telegram bet big on interactive bots as an element with which each user can receive information in a natural way. Google Allo multiplies this concept integrating his personal assistant : with him it ispossible to hold talks while the power of Google to the wishes anticipated of chat participants. I really want to see it in action.

Are they needed more messaging apps? The truth is that No

Google’s move with the separation of services in two separate apps already having an excellent application as disconcerts Hangouts. Hangouts, Allo and Duo will coexist, although in different terrains .Hangouts for business and professional users; Allo and Duo for those who need simple and efficient tools of communication in data consumption.

Record the date on the calendar: September 21, 2016. Evan Blass is quite accurate in their predictions, so I will keep me Wednesday about to download Google Allo and test your personal assistant. Will it deliver on expectations?