Wednesday,October 23,2019

So Google Allo, the new intelligent messaging app Google


So Google Allo, the new intelligent messaging app Google

Google has just launched Google Allo, the new intelligent messaging that aims to compete with Whatsapp. Do you know her?

Google has launched Google Allo , a new application of intelligent IM for Android and iOS, which, as indicated by the company in the press release , the app “will help you do and say more things directly from your chats. Allo Google can help you make plans, to find information and to express what you feel more easily while holding a conversation, and learn and improve their service as you use it.”

Google Allo

This new instant messaging app Google, is designed to hold a conversation without interruption and to provide help when you need. So comes a new contender for WhatsApp.

Smart Response

One of the novelties of this new messaging app is the option of ” intelligent response”.Thus, Google Allo wants to expedite the response process to facilitate talks, even when we’re moving from side to side.

This option allows users to respond to chat messages with just flick the screen, so that you can send a quick “sip”¬†to answer a friend who asks you a question like “Are you coming¬†along?” , for example. This new functionality Google Allo, also suggests answers to the images sent by the application.

Pictures,Emoticons and Stickers

Google Allo takes into account that a chat is much more than text. Therefore, it provides an ideal mechanism that users can express their feelings in different ways . Thus, in the app you can enlarge or reduce the size of the emojis and text simply by dragging up or down button “send”, or capture your own pictures and make drawings on them before sending them , for example. In addition, Google has partnered with independent artists and studios around the world to create more than 25 packages of exclusive stickers.

Assistant Google

Google Allo will be the first service that the Internet giant will incorporate the Wizard Google in a trial. This Wizard will allow users to chat with Google to ask questions, and help them do things directly from the app talks. Thus, no longer you need to leave a conversation to point a direction, share a video from Youtube, or choose a place for dinner, for example.Through Google Allo, you will talk directly with your assistant to get answers to all your questions, or you can type google to incorporate the Assistant in your conversations app when necessary.

This new Google Assistant, is a breakthrough in the way of Google to the idea of being able to help people in their everyday actions. With this wizard, we can do things like the following:

  • Getting answers: receive the latest information on what information you care about most: news, weather, traffic, sports or schedule your next flight.
  • Find nearby places: you can request that prompted companies and nearby shops, besides seeing where they are, without having to leave the conversation.
  • Make plans with your friends: You can easily spend talking about where to stay for dinner to plan what you are going to do next or what the ultimate fate of the night. It will also allow consulting group, sites where you would like to travel, as well as flights and hotels.

The firm has begun to operate the test mode Wizard, per, over the coming months, it will be also available on other Google products , so you can use easily, both in your daily tasks home, like when you’re on the go. The Wizard will be initially available in English, but soon it will also be in other languages.

Speaking incognito

All conversations are encrypted Google Allo. In addition, they have created an incognito .Thus, to hold a conversation in this incognito mode, messages are encrypted from end to end, ADME offer additional privacy features, such as notifications and maturity discrete messages.

Google is already beginning to distribute the application for Android and iOS, and will be available worldwide in the coming days. What do you think this new intelligent messaging app Google?