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GO Plus analysis Pokemon, Pokemon hunting Bracelet


GO Plus analysis Pokemon, Pokemon hunting Bracelet

Capture Pokemon was the summer sport worldwide. And sport is not just figurative, implying an effort: many coaches, including myself included, take traveled more than 100 kilometers looking creatures augmented reality . In addition to that we have exhausted the battery of the mobile few cycles due to the enormous expense of the game.

GO Pokémon was launched with several promises. One was to encourage activity that was achieved with flying colors. Also unite children and adults in the same game, please the most Pokémon fans and attract this fictional world to a new audience. In addition,  Niantic and Nintendo promised an exclusive and compatible bracelet: the Pokémon GO Plus.

Bracelet, or “wearable” Bluetooth is an accessory connected to the mobile allowing warning Pokemon and Pokeparadas nearby and subsequent capture / collection . Pokemon GO Plus, attachment name, was delayed until just this past Friday. And we have to point review.

Pokemon GO Plus features and compatibility

The bracelet does not involve great technological difficulties: it is a device that is synchronized via Bluetooth with warning lights and vibration alerts generated by the mobile . Its features are as follows:

  • Plastic device shaped body Pokeball pointer.
  • Central multi color LED light.
  • Vibration.
  • Bluetooth BLE.
  • CR2032 battery operation including button.
  • Two modes: as clip (default in package) or as a bracelet.
  • The bracelet is also included. It is blue with stripes, it is made of fabric and is adjustable.
  • a Phillips screwdriver (phillips) not included to switch between clip and bracelet is needed.
  • Dimensions: 46 x 33 x 17.5 mm.
  • Weight: 13 grams with the battery.

In simplicity lies its greatest virtue. That ‘s right: although their requirements seem almost universal on a smartphone Android, compatibility issues are remarkable . Not specify what Nintendo:

  • Pokemon GO Plus is compatible with versions of Android KitKat between 4.4 and 6.0 Marshmallow.
  • Minimum 2 GB of RAM.
  • Only supports Bluetooth 4.0 and above (called Bluetooth Smart or BLE).
  • The mobile must have the latest version of Pokémon GO (currently 0.37.1).

Construction and appearance

Pokemon GO Plus is an accessory that looks more like a toy than a wearable . Nintendo is characterized by keeping children within their sights, so that the bracelet keeps certain childlike appearance with a plastic construction that, in principle, be designed to last.

It has no screen or parts that can be damaged with a small blow. Plastic is the material of construction, with two distinct parts: the base color black and red and white Pokeball to the top. This zone has a bright satiny layer.

In the center of the Pokemon GO Plus button shown. It is translucent plastic and pleasant to touch. Under the button hides the multi-color LED: glow in line with the action running bracelet .

Inside the box, the accessory is attached to a clip. Pokemon GO Plus has a Phillips screw head (phillips) that gives access to the battery change and support . You can use the default clip for attaching to a garment or wear more comfortably in your pocket; if you want to use Pokemon GO Plus bracelet simply change the clip using a screwdriver. It does not take a minute to change one for the other.

Construction bracelet closely resembles a flat shoelace. It is adjustable to any wrist, even young children ( hard to put if you have big hands ). The closure rests a plastic clip that prevents belt slip pressure. This point does not give me overconfidence: the effectiveness of the closure may slack off with use.

How Pokemon GO Plus?

Let’s the main thing running bracelet (or clip depends on how you use it ). Once paired with mobile (I leave this process to the next section), the bracelet will act as informer activity GO Pokemon . You can turn off the screen: the game will continue in the background communicating with the “wearable”.

Pokemon GO Plus has two warning services that work in unison, vibration and visual alert. When the game latent in mobile, detects a nearby Pokeparada Pokemon or send a notification to the bracelet to alert accordingly . In this way:

  • If the button flashes green fence will have a Pokemon that is already registered in the Pokedex. In the event that lights up in yellow, you’ve still not caught.
  • If you press the button you will simulate the launch of a Pokéball. By default always be Pokéball;after Superball and, ultimately, Ultraball: depends on you have.
  • The LED will light up several times in white simulating attempts to escape from the Pkémon.
  • If the Pokémon fighters, the button will glow with several colors (looks like a disco). If it escapes, it will flash red.
  • Now, when the bracelet will have a flashing blue Poképarada nearby.
  • Press and gather objects.
  • If you could pick up these objects, multicolored bracelet flash mode. In the case that has been Poképadara far red flashing will.
  • All the operation is accompanied by vibration. It is quite powerful: you will learn events even if you hide the device in your pocket.

This, they seem fairly simple instructions, become somewhat complicated in the beginning, especially when you’re in an area with plenty of movement. Nor it takes to get the hang, the learning time is short (one Android Wear is much more complicated to use).

The bracelet vibrates when paired loses .You can manually checked: if the button is pressed when idle, and vibrates, the Bluetooth link is maintained. If instead a blue light appears, touch match it again.

GO Plus Pokemon carry on the wrist (or pocket) makes the most routine part of the game into something more bearable . No longer do you have to go with the phone in hand, thereby saving energy.And the activity is also less striking. For more than having a wrist Pokeball brightening as fresh from “Saturday Night Fever” calls attention to cries.

Paired Pokemon GO Plus: a headache

Horrible, in a word. According to the specifications, the most modern Android smartphones should match with Pokemon GO Plus. In practice, the four phones that I have at home now I could only do it with the Samsung Galaxy S7. Neither Huawei nor One Plus Nova Plus 3 nor Samsung Galaxy S6.

The process does not involve any problems.Logically still a Bluetooth accessory, sure you think you have to synchronize using the menu this connection. Error: the whole process is done in the game .

  • Start the game and go to the options (top gear).
  • Pokemon enters the GO section.
  • Here you will see four sections. Now, press the button bracelet and under paragraphs should leave this bracelet .
  • Click on the icon and start the synchronization process. If you are lucky (lot), they will be paired.
  • Returning to the main screen of Pokémon GO see that the symbol bracelet appears on the left side of the screen .
  • To synchronize again just click on the symbol and then press the button GO Plus Pokémon. The pairing process should take only a few seconds.
  • If this process you get not match it , try again. Restart the application, and turn off Bluetooth and, ultimately, restart the phone. If you continue to have problems, your phone is not compatible . At least for now.

Which in principle should be simple it ends up being a headache. I understand that the number of Android phones is high and can not be checked at all, but the protocol Bluetooth is universal. Even in the Samsung Galaxy S7, where I could finally connect me problems I arose at the beginning and later . In the rest simply I had to give up .

I recommend that, before considering the purchase, you verify that you somehow will work. It seems that the Samsung Galaxy most recent matches, but would not give much hope to those who do not have one of these phones. Also keep in mind that Niantic will increase compatibility .

Advantages and disadvantages of Pokemon GO Plus

You’ve seen that problems bracelet with synchronization are notorious and could roil both experience and not worth buying it . Indeed, 39, 99 euros is a somewhat high price for what it offers : for that cost can buy a Pokemon game for 3DS. Still, it provides numerous advantages to Pokemon GO:

  • The battery saving is considerable. As there to carry the phone on for basic tasks, autonomy is maintained by the display is off.
  • It is very effective when it works. And save some time.
  • Pokemon hunt and gather Pokeparadas are two tasks that can be performed much more anonymously. Even without display Bracelet: it is possible to push the button being in the pocket.
  • Increase kilometers to collect candy with fellow Pokemon or egg incubation is much easier.
  • GO lets you play Pokemon in areas where, unfortunately, there is greater insecurity .Pokemon GO Plus can be pocketed without anyone notice that you are capturing Pokemon.
  • For the fans: the bracelet is a collectible item that has its point. But: they are almost 40 euros.

As for the disadvantages, the most problematic is that the difficulty of paired. Beyond we are:

  • control capture is lost. Not know what Pokemon are capturing (or Pidgeys Zubats be safe) and we can not apply effects to get higher score.
  • You have no control over what kind of ball is thrown. In principle only it uses normal Pokeballs.
  • It is not known what Pokemon are captured until the list chronologically look.
  • Nor do we know what objects were collected from the Pokeparadas.
  • Understandably, not alert nearby gyms . This is a “FAIL” in the making .
  • It is not rechargeable. The battery used should last several months, but will have to buy another when including expires. This also is not very ecological.
  • It is expensive for what it offers and an accessory that loses its sense when you stop playing Pokémon GO.

Final opinions

I recommend Pokemon GO Plus only the most Pokemon fans and especially those who know they sure have a mobile – compatible (for my experience, the Samsung Galaxy S7, in addition to the iPhone). It does not have an exaggerated price, but even so, do not think their duties to offset the cost . Furthermore if you consider compatibility issues on Android.

I do not understand how a Bluetooth accessory has such incompatibility. Fit bit took year using bracelets, watches and other accessories permanently connected by Bluetooth and had never suffered so much as to connect with Pokemon GO Plus. It is not acceptable that an accessory called to be universal present many disadvantages .

As for the options added to the game, I think they are quite useful. Routine tasks of hunting and harvesting Pokeparadas common Pokemon are covering 90% of the time, so it is very convenient perform without using the smartphone . Alerts light and vibration are also correct: you hear or yes that something happens. Too bad I did not warn nearby gyms.

My experience with Pokemon GO Plus is quite bitter. I know it takes only a few days on the market, but its release was also delayed because, in theory, compatibility. If you do not want to repent, I would not buy it.Or would expect at least to be extended compatibility.