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GIFs, video calls, double check … Everything has come and is coming to WhatsApp in 2016


GIFs, video calls, double check … Everything has come and is coming to WhatsApp in 2016

Despite having already surpassed the barrier of 1,000 million users (and already know where to go) WhatsApp can not fall asleep on their laurels. The famous instant messaging application is not alone and his enormous success certainly is not based on being the app with more options, but perhaps its simplicity has helped you to be where you are right now.

Rivals such as Telegram or Line and others have long had many more features, but the truth is that 2016 is the year that WhatsApp is getting the batteries. Last year saw the arrival of the call , but in this we have received new features like the ability to format the text, encryption of messages or sending GIFs. Those are the developments we have already known, but there is still much to come .

Developments that have come in 2016

2016 opened with a promise kept. Although they were very few users who once came to pay the 89 cents it cost the license to use WhatsApp, the application decided to formalize the end of that line of business. In January all application users saw as their license passed to be for life , saying goodbye to those licenses were renewed annually alone in most cases.

Groups of up to 256 people

Beyond that little news, the first novelty of WhatsApp in 2016 was the expansion of the capacity of groups . In the beginning WhatsApp only allowed to have groups up to 12 people, but soon expanded to 50. Also, his rivals were ahead,allowing up to 1,000 Telegram . So from February we were able to fit up to 256 people in one group .

Bold, italic and strikeout: formatting text

Until March texts had all the same, we could not change its format. And then finally came this possibility. With the use of special characters we can give another aspect to our messages , using bold, italic and strikeout.

He came to-end encryption

One of the points that is always criticized WhatsApp was poor security with which it was traffic . Our messages were traveling in plain text, which was a threat by the relative ease to intercept our communications. Since April WhatsApp introduce decryption end to end , so that each caller has a unique key to decrypt messages received, so that if a third party gets those messages can not easily decipher by not having those keys.

Sending different types of files

WhatsApp arrived in 2016 allowing only share photos and videos. Perhaps it is no problem for those who only use the application for purposes of personal, but for those who also use in the workplace is missed to send certain types of files promptly, something that could be done in other apps. Since April,and we can share text documents, spreadsheets and presentations in their original format .

Native application for desktop systems

One of the major demands of the most intensive users of WhatsApp was able to use it from a computer, which (again) offered by other apps. In August 2015 he got that option with a web version , but in May this year reached applications for Windows and Mac , but truth be told, do not offer any added regarding the web version.

Sending GIFs, in that way

And if WhatsApp groups sometimes were not stressful enough, for all those months and funny videos that circulate endlessly, they arrived GIFs . Of course, the moment we can only send GIFs generated by ourselves, making videos up toseven seconds. It is assumed that we can soon explore Giphy to send GIFs web famous.

Voice mail for unanswered calls

Completing the VoIP provider call service, introduced in August WhatsApp sort of voicemail . If your call is not set because the other person is busy or does not answer, the app allows you to leave a voice message, you will receive as a voice memo more chatting.

Big smilies

To make it more fun and enjoyable chats (or the opposite, according to whom) WhatsApp has changed the size of emoticons . The size varies depending on how many we send and messages not always carried in text. For those who have no love for this new function, add a space after an emoticon will appear in its normal size.

Draw and put stickers on pictures and videos

And to continue those funnier step chats and emulate other apps, WhatsApp has introduced the option to edit photos and videos before they are sent. To decorate our creations now we can use stickers, emoticons, text and we can even draw on them.

Mentions group chats

To conclude everything known during 2016, we must speak of the arrival of the entries . Nobody can turn a deaf ear to our messages, as using a ‘@’ before the name of the person you want to refer in a chat it will receive notification by far the group have muted .

Developments coming soon

As you can see so far, are not few developments that we have seen throughout 2016 on WhatsApp, although all of them were present earlier in other rival apps.But besides all this, there are several functions that should not be too long in coming and that we could learn in different ways.

Public groups and share music

WhatsApp so far we can only talk in groups to which we are invited explicitly, but that is something that could change soon with public groups. Such groups would be similar to channels from other apps, which are often divided by subject and the admission is completely free.

Another interesting development would be able to share music with other contacts. For filtering , what we could do is share those songs we have in the memory of our mobile, but do not rule out that WhatsApp seek alliances with my third, Spotify or other, for to share songs from other services and you can listen without leaving WhatsApp.

Calls to video calls

A novelty of which we have heard for months but which have nothing been heard is to be able to make video calls . With voice calls in full swing, WhatsApp seems to be working on that we can not only talk, but to see our contact as we speak.Perfectly they could arrive before year ‘s end.

Identification in two steps

WhatsApp now lacks login with other apps. Simply install, our number is verified and you’re done . But so filtering application soon we could ask our email address , implementing two – step verification. And beyond a strengthening of security, this point could also allow use WhatsApp Web or desktop application without being also connected to the mobile .

Talking to people talking to businesses

Finally, as we saw earlier this year WhatsApp decided to completely change your plan to generate their income. After leaving the model of payment for annual leave, so few users came to buy, the application in the hands of Facebook said it would seek that income in other ways, like sharing our phone number with the social network .

And beyond that road, WhatsApp seek to cash making communication channel between businesses and users . Such use is already a fact in many cases, but now formalized, we imagine that offering tools to merchants to facilitate communication , always watching than broth spam.

All these are the novelties that we learned something, either by leakage or translation groups employing WhatsApp to ask for help in translating new texts to be entered into the app. We therefore hope that all of them come soon, but could also be surprises. The important thing is to download or update the application always through official channels to avoid scams .