Sunday,May 19,2019

Download and Google Allo: Available APK

Download and Google Allo: Available APK

Download and Google Allo: Available APK

Instant messaging on mobile is taken over by a handful of heavy names. All we know: WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger; with other applications that also have their market, such as Line, We Chat or Hangouts. For Google’s funny because, although it has extensive experience in messaging, ends not find their place in smartphones. Until now?

Google Allo is the most serious bet the company for instant messaging as dictated by name. No video calls that obscure the pure act of sending messages. And with the extra personal assistant; which should prove himself, of course.

Simple Messaging hand Google

Google Allo is simplified to the maximum to provide easy and quick contact by text with all our contacts. In basic lines should not be very different from WhatsApp and the like, so what is fundamental is guaranteed: communicate through messages at no cost at any place and time .

The new instant messaging application enables one to one chats, group chats, also private rooms with messages that self – destruct and as a finishing touch, we can communicate with Google’s personal assistant . It works in a private room (not sure in terms of encryption) where we can ask as if conversations with someone else. The wizard can also participate in group chats.

 Best of Google Allo is, without doubt, said personal assistant. As I said before, it is to see if practical in day to day or just a curious added that asking questions occasionally, but it goes a step beyond the bots, for example, have Telegram or Facebook Messenger .

In terms of multimedia features, Google Allo includes Emojis, downloadable stickers without any cost , can send voice memos, pictures, videos, location and little else. Currently there include the exchange of documents.

Allo Google is now available for download

He had already leaked that the availability would begin on September 21 , and has been: Google Allo is already in the Google Play Store to download and install it without any cost. No ads. That ‘s right:¬† you can still take up to appear as available . The deployment has been slow.

I think it’s a very good alternative to the apps that already exist, but to be seen whether the public needed to get worth keeping installed on your mobile. Time (and our contacts) will tell.