Saturday,December 15,2018

Class notebooks and personal One Note are available in 90 new countries

Class notebooks and personal One Note are available in 90 new countries

class notebooks and personal One Note are available in 90 new countries

Item class and staff OneNote Notebook reach 90 new countries has been published in Microsoft Insider.

One Note is an essential tool for many people around the world, the infinite possibilities of synchronization and taking notes of all kinds make it ideal for a multitude of environments, one is education. Action One Note to be a big gap release regular updates addressed to him and who enjoy various management functions for students and teachers many benefits for students.

A management tool called portable application One Note and One Note Notebook student class, both the availability totaled 151 countries around the world after Microsoft people begin deployment in 90 new markets earlier this August staff.

What is this service?

One Note Class Notebook has a wide range of tools aimed at learning and productivity in the classroom and outside them. Has a personal space per student , we also have a library of content for consultations and collaborative work space for classes and creative activities.

One Note Notebook Personal Account in the meantime a personal space for each staff member or masterlibrary of content that can be shared and a collaborative space where you can work for everyone, all in one instrument itself.

How do you get?

Each teacher can follow these steps to create either a notebook for students and the space allocated to the management of teachers:

  1. Enter the Office website to get started for free.
  2. to start a notebook for students at this link on your own laptop as a student of the head and asks for your Office 365 account free.
  3. to begin a solo tour this laptop is another link to invite other staff members or community training in your notebook and then get your Office 365 for free.

Microsoft classroom

Although the Redmond have been characterized for a long time to have the school environment a lot in the development of its services, until a few months ago, everyone who have “lost” to the website of the company. Just a couple of months has launched a website where these services are included school.

Here you can manage all our instruments used and how and start . In addition to being able to assign tasks among members of the educational community in one place.