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Analysis of Honor 8, a mobile great with the error always


Analysis of Honor 8, a mobile great with the error always

Already we are on the eighth generation? No, but the fact is that few we remember that Honor has only two years as own brand. I have in my hands the Honor 8 , device have been testing lately and whose analysis we bring you today. A high – end product with an official price of 399 €.

History repeats itself, Honor wants to convince not need to spend much money to have access to a mobile top. Based on specifications and good design rivals face to face with phones like the Galaxy S7, LG G5, Nexus 6P or Huawei P9 , like a mobile and manufactured by the same owner.

What has changed from previous years? We still have a Kirin processor, an excellent camera, quick charge a battery with 3000 mAh and a Full HD screen. We now have USB Type C, 4 GB of RAM and design is different. Precisely this last section is the one that gets to fall in love, Honor 8 unlike his predecessors has charisma, has a special feeling , that touch subtle difference that 99% of Chinese metal phones. When you have the phone in hand feel that is a different smartphone, something that usually happens only in high end. Let ‘s see if this is compelling enough.

Honor 8 features and specifications

Here you have the list of full specifications of Honor 8. A list that is familiar and which few phones differ.

  • Screen 5.2 “full HD resolution, LTPS, 72.5%-screen ratio, 1500: 1
  • Kirin 950 processor eight-core (2.3 / 1.8 GHz)
  • Mali GPU T880MP4
  • 4GB of RAM LPDDR4
  • 32 GB internal, expandable memory via microSD up to 128 GB
  • 12MP in the main double-chamber, f / 2.2
  • 8MP camera on the front, f / 2.4
  • Fingerprint reader
  • 3000 mAh battery (rapid charge)
  • USB Type-C, Dual SIM Hybrid (LTE Cat 6 + microSD / 3G), BT 4.2, NFC, infrared
  • 145.5 x 71 x 7.5 mm
  • Weight of 153 grams
  • white, black and blue
  • Marshmallow Android 6.0 with 4.1 EMUI
We can not ask for much more today in that price range , perhaps the Kirin 955 processor that incorporates Huawei P9, but then would eclipse the current flagship of the company. It is appreciated that the base model of the 32GB least in this price range would be unforgivable.


If we have to highlight something that’s Honor 8 design. Far from the classic design metallic Honor 7, this year have decided to bet on a rear glass that offers some surprising results . Yes, the truth is that I did not expect a mobile as well. We are facing a device with a fairly compact but slightly heavy body, rounded tips, a screen of 5.2 “and achieved edges.

The test model is blue but is also available in black. The novelty is a rear glass in which have been used up to 15 different layers to cause all kinds of reflections and give different sensations depending on the light impinging on it. Only say that when I took it out of the box thought there was a protective plastic and had to remove it . I spent several seconds trying to take off that rare something, but nothing. After a few minutes you get used but new feeling is there. Honor good point to have gotten an original finish.

The rear is also responsible for the Honor 8 is quite slippery and fingerprints are marked. Some minor inconveniences that pass unnoticed because it really feels good in hand. Of course, careful with falls because the Honor 8 does not incorporate Gorilla Glass 4 and is susceptible to shocks. Instead we have the technology  Nippon Electric Glass (NEG) whose reliability have chosen not to test. We must also remember that your cover is glass and as happens with this type of phones is very likely to stay full of small scratches.

A detail is that the camera does not protrude double nothing and is under the glass, the fingerprint reader is working properly and is slightly sunk, although  we detected the imprint simply passing over . Not only that, it is also a new button and with which we can configure various shortcuts. One of the best readers of rear track I’ve ever had.

The side edges are made of aluminum, on the left find only hybrid slot for the SIM and microSD, on the right we have the volume buttons and on / off, the second with a slightly rough finish.

At the top we have the microphone and infrared while on the bottom we find the 3.5mm jack (yeah!), USB Type C (very common at this time) and speaker. The sound featuring Honor 8 is good enough for most occasions and comes with its own headphones.


Honor 8 has an excellent screen. The Chinese manufacturer uses a technology that moves away from the IPS and AMOLED classic, we have a FullHD panel 5.2 “Low-temperature technology polycrystalline silicon , an evolution of TFT and convinced us pleasantly. We have a panel with very bright, excellent viewing angles and enough to be in exterior colors. A great job for our taste and places the screen Honor 8 between the best in the market.

The glass 2.5D helps make it easy to grab and size of 5.2 “with almost no edges it seems perfect. Size content and a good panel embedded in the device body to look at all kinds of information. In my case I have small hands , but I’ve gotten used to Nexus 6P is a luxury back to smaller mobile and although Iprefer the big screen since I’m all day watching mobile, data loss and fatigue is not so.

The screen offers 460 nits and a priori outdoor visibility is good. Why a priori? Mainly because the automatic brightness does not work well for us. It takes too long to activate the right brightness and at the end we chose to do it manually. A software problem rather than hardware because as we say quality is excellent panel.

In these last days of analysis I am testing the power saving mode of Honor 8: consists of returning the screen resolution rather than 1080p HD. The difference shows clearly enough but the quality is good not to throw up our hands head and increased autonomy is remarkable.


Honor 8 incorporates a dual 12 megapixel camera with f / 2.2 and sensors B & W and RGB . They are the same as found in the Huawei P9 but its quality is a far cry nor have the characteristic monochrome flagship Huawei. In this respect the Honor 8 is a want and I can not very good technology but incorporates a step back from its direct competitors stays. Eye, we speak as rivals Nexus OnePlus 6P or 3 which currently have a similar price.

The camera application of Honor is the same as found in other models like the Huawei Nova. It incorporates many options such as a pro mode to manually select focus, ISO or opening . We have different filters beauty and night shots, we can add watermarks quickly scan documents, quick shots and the classic options of HDR, panoramic and filters tones and colors including monochrome, but as we say the results are not that surprising and P9.

One of the common uses of dual chamber is to use it to make photo with shallow depth of field . With a lens focuses the near object and the other lens focuses the distant object, by combining a photo where we are fairly focused the two elements. This effect bokeh can choose between F/16 and f/0.95.

In general pictures taken are excellent with a detail that equates camera Honor with tops like the Nexus 6P, however at night despite its flash dual tone shots suffers from muted colors and does not represent naturally games as we do see lights in the mobile Google.

A point where neither can match the Nexus is recording video, the Honor 8 OIS has neither video nor 4Kand stays at 240fps to 120fps by Nexus, a limitation mainly hardware.

Meanwhile the front 8 MP camera makes some incredible pictures. So much has come to the front of these devices is better than the back of most phones a few years ago. As always, here you attach a series of photographs so you can see the results. All of them made by an inexperienced hand like mine, but with similar results to any user can perform.

Honor 8 has a powerful enough internal components for mobile go like an arrow but in practice it is not.RAM and CPU are more than enough for all kinds of tasks but the most demanding games noticed missing graphics power. A priori the Mali T880 is one of the newest GPU but in the case of Honor have only four cores, ie, has a top technology squeezes but not properly. We weird because with the P9 did not have these quibbles.

Some animations are not entirely fluid as compared to the 6P Nexus is almost laughable. It is true that the latter is known to be one of the Android phones faster but still in ranges similar price we expected a better performance of Honor 8.  In the benchmarks Honor 8 delivers results as expected slightly below the Huawei P9 . In AnTuTu a 94000 by 97000 P9. We find equivalent results in other tests.

Why a mobile with these results and say that processor is slow? It has a very simple answer and it is not the first time I say EMUI 4.1 is a drag.


  • Why do I have to spend several minutes to erase games and applications that do not contribute anything?
  • Why it offers 32 GB if you then lose an awful lot with useless applications?
  • Why Multitasking is slower than in a pure mid-range Android?
  • Why the advanced settings are hidden?
  • Why the notification is so confusing?
  • Why do we have two identical my calculator?
  • Why I could not go without Nova Launcher more than 10 minutes?

Yes, EMUI has its good but not nearly justify that these problems have not been fixed and we have spent many years alike. Samsung Touch Wiz managed to lead back to the right direction, we expect Huawei follow in his footsteps one day if it really intends to seize the throne. It’s not about power, we speak of seconds won with every action.

I like wallpapers incorporating EMUI. I love the fingerprint reader Honor 8 can be configured to activate certain apps as pulsations. In my case I tried a touch to open Chrome and two taps for the camera.Honor settings 8 are thousands of details and offer a lot of detailed information in each section, so yes things are appreciated. Also it allows us to customize every corner; from the navigation bar to voice controls.

We do not want EMUI miss interesting functions or less potent, that’s the good part of its essence. What we ask is to be organized, better designs, be more transparent to the user and especially remove heavy animations, background processes and preinstalled apps that do nothing. Only then can we recommend the Honor 8 as a mobile with good software and performance.


3000 mAh battery should be enough to spend all day with the mobile. In our tests the Honor 8 has offered us a half – 10h use with a screen 4h . Acceptable figures but unsatisfactory for high – end mobile. Eye, is not the only one that does not stand out in this respect but perhaps expected something more.

Fortunately we have fast charging with USB charger 9V2A Tip C included. In 20 minutes we have 40% of the battery and in 50 minutes reaches 65%. Usual numbers and which once you get used to not want togo back. The battery is one of the most important aspects but thanks to the rapid charging is no longer a headache. Always we find that gap of 10-15 mintue enough for the mobile last us a few hours more.

If we are short of battery we can always resort to various ways of saving energy EMUI offers. From theROG so that it returns the screen to 720p to the extreme savings where we have a basic menu of black color. If you notice the difference, but we talked about margins few hours of use.


“Your camera is not among the best but it does, the battery is enough and its only flaw will ultimately be a mixture of lack of support and back broken.” No, I do not mean Honor 8. Are the words that I finished the review of the Honor 6+ . It seems that little has changed over the years.

Honor 8 features exquisite design, is a mobile really nice but his charisma end there. 7 Honor upgraded to Android 6.0 in March, do not expect that this device receives Nougat before. We are pleased to see the screen, the camera and design continue to improve to surprising levels but criticism for years are still tobe heard.

I made a decision: for the moment I will not recommend the Honor 8.

I love the fingerprint reader. I like its design and size content (rivals are larger). I wish all screens have this quality. Its dual camera offers buenisimas photos. Yes, it’s a cucumber mobile but my father needs a smartphone and I do not put it on your list of possible. It’s a shame because surely when you open the box would have loved it.

Honor / Huawei, if you want to charge € 399 for a mobile that is for a good battery and Nova Plus and if you want your mobile go fluids will have to invest much more in EMUI rather than improve Kirin processors.Honor 8 only sold online and is an ideal channel for the public to be targeted but our recommendation is that it ‘s worth expect a couple of months. Four hundred euros currently have more interesting options but I have a feeling we’ll soon see with succulent discounts. A € 350 will begin to have doubts as to the Black Friday approaching the 300 € then yes will be time to forget their problems and enjoy its benefits.