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The best external battery fast charging

The best external battery fast charging

The best external battery fast charging

There are days when you get to the end battery is harder than others. Go saving the battery we have to have enough all day is already a custom among many users. That, or go charging with the charger to go replenished every moment you can.

Luckily, there are external batteries . An accessory that can carry in your purse or backpack during the day to charge your device in case it is not going to reach the end. They come in various capacities, both for a single charge and for several.

Here we will collect the best batteries you can buy to hold all day. But batteries with Quick Charge 3.0 technology. Adapted to the new quick-charge devices on the market, such as the new Samsung, LG or HTC. We’ll also talk of there for Nexus 6P and 5X because they have their own fast charging technology.

Over time new technologies have emerged to charge the phone faster.Does it affect our fast charging battery? Today resolve your doubts

Devices equipped with Quick Charge 3.0

If you do not know if your smartphone is compatible with Quick Charge 3.0 technology, here you have a extracted directly from Qualcomm list with all devices that carry:

  • Asus Zenfone 3 / Deluxe / Ultra
  • General Mobile GM5
  • HP Elite X3
  • HTC 10
  • HTC One A9
  • Leeco Le MAX 2
  • Leeco (LeTV)
  • Le MAX Pro
  • Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro
  • LG G5
  • Nuans NEO
  • Nubia Z11 / Max
  • TCL Idol4s
  • Vodafone Smart Platinum 7
  • Xiaomi Mi 5
  • Xiaomi Mi Max
  • ZTE Axon 7


The first brand we will talk about is one of the most important in terms of external batteries is concerned. RavPower has very good products but in this compilation we will decant the best of the best.

Both batteries that we show now are practically identical in performance. We have 20,100 mAh capacity and Quick Charge 3.0 technology . The difference? The cheapest model is because it does not include the wall charger to quickly charge the battery. We would have to use ours and if this does not have Quick Charge 3.0, it would take longer to charge again.

Say that in both models will have a port input and output with USB-C connector . In addition to 2 standard USB ports, of which only one has 3.0 technology .


We turn to another great name in the market for external batteries: Aukey. The models are more expensive than those of RavPower. These models do differ more between them because we are not only to differences in ability, one of 20,000 mAh and the other of 16,000 mAh . But one, for example, has alower output (2A / 2.4A) .

Aukey 20,000 mAh battery with charging port Lightning and 2A output

The model 20,000 mAh battery has an advantage over the other. Although we have USB-C port or entry or exit. Yes we have a charging port Lightning for users of iPhone / iPad.

 Aukey 16,000 mAh Battery with 2.4A output

This battery compensates for the absence of a charging port Lightning with a higher amperage output, which can translate into faster loading. To say that also has a smaller size.


We left for the end a battery that will please all users of Nexus and Nexus 5X 6P . As you well know by now, Google does not incorporate Quick Charge 3.0 but a proprietary technology. This technology makes all batteries, even with Quick Charge 3.0 us of the message of “Loading slowly.” As this is over.

Tronsmart has a battery of 12,000 mAh with USB Quick Charge 3.0 output and input port (for charging) and USB-C output . The good news is that the USB-C port has a power output of 5V / 3A . If we look at the original Charger Nexus it is the same. So quickly charge your device.


We finished the compilation with an external battery that although currently not in stock on Amazon, it is a very interesting option if we look at other stores. The Power Core 20,000 mAh in its latest model, features Quick Charge 3.0 .Yes, we know that we Xiaomi models but is that these batteries do not have certificate Quick Charge 3.0.Here we have assembled the best we can buy today with the latest technology and fast loading.

Do you have any of these? Leave your opinion in the comments, someone can help you.