Saturday,June 15,2019

Thousands of fans pay tribute to Quintana dressed in red


Thousands of fans pay tribute to Quintana dressed in red

Miles of people, most dressed in a red garment, taxed today in Bogota a multitudinous tribute to Nairo Quintana, the recent champion of the Tour of Spain, who said he never thought of a reception of this magnitude .

The caravan headed Quintana, who left near the financial center of Bogota and after almost four hours, arrived at Simon Bolivar Park, recalled the reception that gave the Colombian capital to Luis Herrera, El Jardinerito , who won the Tour of Spain in 1987.

Amid the tumult, the champion reiterated that continued working to win the Tour de France . ” We hope we can get the yellow, we are working, we are still in it ,” he said.

The double – decker bus , which they removed the roof and settled a floor to shape flooring, circulated among the human tide that went out to meet Quintana with shouts of “champion,” while the cyclist greeting , he waved and waved.

“Thank you for giving me all your love, your support is very important to me, is very exciting to be here saying hello to all my people ,”said the champion, who at times was surrounded by people wearing pink, red and white ponchos, in alluding to the shirts has won the boyacense in Italy and Spain.

Before the procession came out, the audience struggled to get a photo, an autograph signed shirt or cyclist, who had to be protected by a police cordon . In the end, only a few left with the treasure.

Before the caravan start its tour, the Giro d’Italia and twice runner – up Tour de France, he was honored by the mayor of Bogota , Enrique Penalosa, with the Civil Order Deportivo “Merit in appreciation for leaving up the name from the country”.

During the tribute was no shortage of spontaneous that asked Nairo was launched into the political arena and seek the presidency or at least a government.

He also received greetings footballers Radamel Falcao and David Ospina , and exciclista Santiago Botero , who agreed that Nairoman is a great champion who has left high the name of Colombia.

A congratulations BMX Olympic champion, joined Mariana Pajon , and exciclistaMartin Emilio “Cochise” Rodriguez , among others.

“One thousand and one thousand and ten thousand thanks again for coming , for having accompanied me, for giving me strength. I’ve excited. Hopefully come very successful as well as for you as for me next year ,”Quintana said his farewell to the fans who accompanied the caravan.

The Bogota was the first tribute in Colombia champion of the Tour of Spain, which will have another Monday in Boyaca department in which was born the King of Spain , as I said a poster.