Saturday,December 07,2019

Spain runs out of lives after an agonizing defeat to Brazil

Spain runs out of lives after an agonizing defeat to Brazil

Spain runs out of lives after an agonizing defeat to Brazil

Spain remains no margin for error in the Games. Sergio Scariolo’s team won his second consecutive defeat after losing to the host Brazil 65-66 in a decisive clash, as against Croatia in the final minutes.

Let’s start by explaining what happened. Spain started the match with the same plan used against Croatia. That is, Pau Gasol. In attack it was the great reference and was wanted again and again to attack Nene. The result: two baskets the low post. However, other arguments just appeared in offensive team Scariolo. If we add the problems in defending the direct blockades across the court we have 8-16 that looked at the scoring with 1:22 to end the first quarter.

That in the field of statistics. In the feelings the thing did not improve much and the best proof was two absurdities in the form of play. First when Marcelinho, who managed the first half at will, almost stealing the ball to Ricky under the basket when Rudy Spain and then crashed the ball in the back of the base of the Wolves.It may be the best summary of a first quarter that best forgotten.

Brazil still managed to not come off on the scoreboard and the second unit of Spain in track and Scariolo ordering an area, the national team pulled the score.The Italian sent his best men to confront a guerrilla war between Philip and, Claver and the spark of Chacho Spain took oil in the form of personal fouls.

Brazil entered bonus with seven minutes to finish the second quarter. A balsamic factor for Spain, that despite a gray suit could keep the shock from the line of 4.70.It is not the ideal way to do it or to recover sensations but it was to go into the break with 31-34 on the scoreboard. An encouraging result considering it costs us a world in static score a basket.

Evil was repeated at the output of the third quarter. Brazil, flying thanks to his audience, took every Spanish attack failure to make quick transitions that did much damage (33-42 for verdeamarelha) to Scariolo. Again had to be free throws them to come to the rescue of Spain. A team supported only by the thin line at the top of the bulb.

A very thin wire that does not always hold the weight of a team that yesterday again showed moments of disconnection. Spain fought back to equalize the match 45-45, but in just two minutes again lost the crash course and ended the quarter with a 45-53 against. He played back to row in the final act.

In this case Spain had to pull a motorboat to reach the shore. Had little time and much to go. no longer they were worth only free throw. Llull appeared in those with a trademark shot and gave life to a team that was seriously injured. With six minutes to play the 54-57 was a whole world. Especially after a triple Chacho after which might be the best attack in Spain in the match.

Brazil let out alive an experienced team and showed him with two good defenses that materialized in a triple Llull that put Spain ahead. A minute and heart to 200 beats.

The national team pulled back and played it for everything that kept him in the match for 39 minutes. A thin line that ultimately could not support the weight of a team that has a lot of work ahead to reach your ultimate goal. For failures from the free throw from Spain and a disconnection at the last moment in defense that allowed Marquinhos palmear unopposed. A ‘red herring’ that costs a life.