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The ranking of the MX League: Chivas gave “little gift” special to America in its centenary

The ranking of the MX League: Chivas gave "little gift" special to America in its centenary

The ranking of the MX League: Chivas gave “little gift” special to America in its centenary

The rout of Chivas in the Azteca to America and call the “Tri” towards the Qualifier Mundialista has been the talk in this day


To dance the “Jarabe Tapatio” flat lawn Azteca Stadium is the gift that Chivas he had saved to America in its centennial.

The walk to the “Holy Flock” gave his archrival remain in the history of the Classics Super as one of the most shameful for azulcremas in its 100 – year history defeats.

The duel between the two most popular teams in Mexico reflectors day 7 was Apertura 2016,although there were also other images and figures that eventually unscreened fans.

1. Dreamer longhaired

Matias Almeyda will flee to the hairdresser, but what is hidden is not the responsibility of giving back to Chivas brightness to be one of the biggest teams in the MX League . “I am a foreigner, but I have more faith Mexican players who many Mexicans , ” said the coach of Guadalajara, after review 3-0 that gave the America .

2. A fly has been said

Social networking exploded in anger, angry messages by followers of America sent him to his coach, Nacho Ambriz . Not that I would much before, but with ridicule Super Classic, Eagle Nest custodians are eager to send the fly to your coach can not stand.

3. Welcome, ‘millet’

With the tail between his legs, but well lined tickets it is as Alan Pulido return to Mexican soccer.After his resounding and fleeting European tour, the striker will sign a contract with a Chivas will pay an unusual amount for a Mexican player. Vergara and gave him a kiss goodbye the last ticket of $ 17 million will cost you next star of his novel Chivas TV.

4. Mice go for a walk

The first call for the Mexican national team after its “fracasotote” in the Copa America Centenariowas something like the meeting of a father immersed in despair at the rebel and disobedient behavior of their children. If not corrected its “quimichimes amiltomatls” (green mice in Nahuatl), coach   Juan Carlos Osorio will be sacrificed by the Aztec gods before the end of the year.

5. But what need

Juan Gabriel left us, but one of his many songs left the perfect phrase for the leaders of the Mexican Football Federation (FMF), which with its wrongheaded decisions have quartered the development of the Mexican national team. “But what need, why so much trouble, while I want tosee happy, sing, dance, laugh, dream, feel, fly, they will slow down.”

 6. What lurks calaca

José Cardozo is already buying her bouquet of marigold flower with it adorn his own altar when reminded that it has ceased to exist as coach of Jaguares . With its defeat of 3-0 against Puebla , Chiapas box stayed in the basement of the Apertura 2016 tournament with four points sad.

7. You know it feels

Necaxa won his first match after five years in the first division. The newly promoted to themaximum circuit was to Queretaro to beat the Roosters 2-1. The Rays did not win a match in thefirst division since Week 8 of the Torneo Clausura 2011, when they beat Santos 1-0 on February 25 of that year.

8. As I say one thing I say another

The phrase Oribe Peralta was great: “” It is this gelatins, a coagulate and other non – ! A more … “” said striker America that could not play against Chivas for being fractured nose. Instead of continuing on the court, the “brush” should be devoted to express those phrases full of depth and wisdom in the novel of his company Televisa, “As the saying goes”.

9. He left respondón

Seeing the phrase Oribe Peralta on   Twitter, Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez replied his companion of selection: “Jaja yesterday congealed 3 very good gelatins my cepi you continue improving Jaja they need you! Hug! It is with a broken hand, but the “Chicharito” managed to enter their phone in order to smear lemon Americanist wound.

 10. A rotation has been said

The Mexican team will be on Friday in El Salvador to face his party group course World 2018. Then, on Tuesday , September 6, will host Honduras at Estadio Azteca. It will be the first Tri duels, after the fateful 7-0 Chile saddled him in the Copa America Centenario. It remains to be seen if Osoriocontinue in his folly to rotate players or if it learned that a team needs continuity for attaining success.