Thursday,June 20,2019

Paralympic team is eyeing 2019 Parapan Lima


Paralympic team is eyeing 2019 Parapan Lima

The Peruvian delegation that participated in the Paralympic Games Rio 2016 Parapan aims Lima 2019

The Peruvian delegation that participated in the Paralympic GamesRio 2016, held a press conference at the House of the Jockey Plaza Brand to tell details of their participation. Five of the six paraatletas that make up the Peruvian team were present: José Luis Casas, Luis Sandoval, Carlos Felipa, Ephraim Sotacuro and Yeny Vargas, the only woman in the delegation. Israel cyclist Hilario lives and trains in the city of Barcelona.

The aim of the Peruvian athletes have special care in preparation that will continue to get in the best shape Parapan Lima 2019. “What I can do is keep working to keep improving my times. Could fulfill the dream of representing my country at the Paralympics and everything that comes from now on will be better ,” said marathoner Ephraim Sotaucuro who was very close to getting a medal ranking fourth in the men ‘s marathon.

“The level we face is very high but I feel I gave the best I could in the two tests I did. Whatever the outcome, I am glad I left everything on the track and have represented my country internationally at the highest level for the Paralympics. This experience promises me for the next championships will come,” said Jose Luis Casas who competed in the 200 m (seventh place) and was disqualified in the 400 m.

“It was an unforgettable experience. Having played the Paralympic Games is priceless. In the final balance I am satisfied because I could overcome my personal brand. It is important that people know that this is a time consuming job of preparing and we need a machine that constantly support us. I was encouraged to continue training for the upcoming competitions that can compete with every inch of the best in the world,” said Luis Sandoval, blind athlete who represented us in the 1500 m.

Yenny Vargas qualified for two finals of the 200 m and 400 m categories. “I feel happy because I achieved one of the objectives through to the final. Competing against the best in the world is a pride and that commits me to keep training hard for my country.”

“Competing with the best in the world is a great encouragement. It was an honor for me to share the track with them and recognize the level at which I have to get to win a medal at the Parapan Lima 2019 will come from. I could learn about the perfect couple man machine, that is in this type of testing. Today’s technology gives us the possibility Paralympics significantly improve our level,” said Carlos Felipa. He competed in the 100 m and long jump occupying the eighth position.

“Each of these guys has its past, present and future. They are true fighters who have represented with dignity and pride to our country.The important thing is that everything we have lived gives us an important reference of how we should work towards Lima 2019 Parapan American Games,” said Lucha Villar, president of the National Paralympic Association.