Saturday,June 15,2019

The million-dollar debt to the victims of the shooting of Orlando will not have to pay

49 Dead In Mass Shooting At Gay Nightclub In Orlando

The million-dollar debt to the victims of the shooting of Orlando will not have to pay

The two hospitals receiving the wounded and victims after the shooting last June at a nightclub in Orlando, announced Thursday that it will not require US $ 5.5 million that priced treatments provided to patients.

After Mario Lopez survived the slaughter of Orlando , USA and was taken to hospital with minor injuries, the medical bill arrived he joined the anguish that lived at that time.

The debt had accumulated Lopez after having been treated for seven hours amounted to about $ 20,000, according to local newspaper he told the Orlando Sentinel.

” I was very worried because there was how to pay for them , ” he told the media.

Lopez was partying in the nightclub Press the night of June 12, when Omar Mateen opened fire on the premises and killed 49 people. the deadliest slaughter in recent US history

Shortly after two months after the attack that shook the country, hospitals that treated the injured and victims announced Wednesday that doctors will not charge patients shooting expenses.

A decision that was welcomed by the beneficiaries.

And it is that the costly medical bills are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in that country .

“It’s a big relief,” said Lopez, who also had no health insurance said.

Florida Hospital and Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC, for its acronym in English) confirmed that medical expenses amount to US $ 5 , 5 million for having treated 53 wounded.

Other ways to pay off debt

ORMC officials made it clear that some bills will be sent to health insurance for those patients who had coverage but injuries not cover these companies will be absorbed by the hospital chain.

This institution also promised to bear the costs of surgeries that some patients have to undergo later as part of their treatments.

In addition, Florida Hospital, who treated nine patients, said he would not charge them to insurance companies for treatments.

Before this measure was announced, several relatives of some dead and survivors had created campaigns online fundraising to finance their medical bills and funeral expenses.

The website crowdfunding, Go Fund Me, reported a total of US $ 4 million in donations just four days after the attack , distributed between the different campaigns launched on that platform.

Collect money online it was also one of the initiatives of some affected the shooting at a theater in Aurora (Colorado) in 2012, which left 12 dead and 70 wounded.

Although at that time the medical centers who attended the contingency stated that eliminate or reduce as far as possible the bills of patients, there are those who still maintain their online fundraising campaigns to cover the costs of recovery.