Thursday,June 20,2019

Florentino Already has His Galactic…!

Florentino Already has His Galactic...!

Raul is Real Madrid, one hundred percent. His return to Real Madrid is great news for madridismo, at the height of the galactic that will appear by the Bernabeu next summer and will fill the glass of white illusion. With that he was 7 white for 16 years, will be two signings of those that so much like the president of the white club. One will wear short. The other in a suit and tie is Raul Gonzalez Blanco.

In recent months Raul has served as executive of LaLiga and will continue to do so until the end of the season. Committed first and foremost. His sporting life has been like this. He has been and is an example of a professional.

That charge, well paid by the way, demanded to cover all the equipment that form LaLiga and is what Raul has done.No more no less. Has been next to his, the Spanish teams, Barcelona included of course.

Raul left Spain seven years ago. Football was less radicalized than it is now. It was more sport. Belongs to another line of players who understood football in green and not in colors. Passion well understood. The seven white is identified with Puyol, Hierro, Salgado … players who died for their own, but who have been and are respected in any field and respect the rivals. Do not hesitate.

And from that point of view you have to understand all the statements of the ex-leader. All.Raul commanded to silence the Camp Nou in a gesture that went around the world (what a great photo, Luis Gabriel!). It was an expression of Madridismo, that feeling that has accompanied the seven white in these seven years of golden exile. And is that there are players who should never go through any door, neither the back nor the honor.

They are club history and there must always be a niche for them. Raul is one and Puyol another. Examples to follow and imitate. Fortunately for Real Madrid, the time has come to recover one of the greatest of white history.