Thursday,April 09,2020

Fernando Torres Said – We Want All Our Players Want to Stay, Not to Stay

Fernando Torres Said - We Want All Our Players Want to Stay, Not to Stay

LG OLED has become the new technological supplier of Atletico, an agreement that was announced two weeks ago but that was in the morning of this Tuesday when it appeared before the media in the Vicente Calderon. The event was attended by Fernando Torres and Koke as representing the first staff. Under the motto ‘Feel the colors as never before’, the players saw on one of the new LG TVs a video commemorating the farewell of the Madrid stadium last Sunday. After that, both players took the floor.

Fernando Torres said of the possible departure of Griezmann Atletico Madrid. “It’s a question for him, I can not tell you, we have to try to keep the players wanting to stay here, I just want to stay here, we want all our players wanting to stay, not to stay,” he said. From there, it is a personal decision that will have to be respected in any case, “he explained.

His continuity: “I repeat the same of the last days, it is my desire. Everyone knows what I want, this is my house. I feel good, strong, wanting to contribute things to the team, to make many goals. The illusion is still intact and I wish I could be in the Metropolitan”.

Cholo’s opinion: “I’ve talked to Cholo the way I used to do during the season. I know what he thinks, it’s important for me to know.” We’ve talked about everything but the TAS resolution has to arrive before the end of the month and the Club should decide which way to go.There are a few days left but nothing is going to change.It is going to choose the best for everyone, and if the best is that I continue to be delighted.”

His motivation: “The conversations I have in private are left in private My illusion will be to be here as long as I have the feeling that I can play, I can be a starter. And making goals.My work and effort costs me and that will continue to be so until the day I stop playing football.That will be my motivation and illusion, when I feel that I can not do it will be the moment to think of another thing”.

The farewell to Calderon: “Still enjoying the images of that day and the days after.” It was fantastic, beyond the result, what I had to live with the goals, to see players who have been my idols, that my grandfather The images that we saw on the way to the field, the parents with the children in the hand, who may not remember that they were in the Calderon and they are going to live a different time, that we be able to transmit to them what is This feeling.A circle that is closing, every time the club is stronger, bigger, we are more.It is a moment to feel proud.