Thursday,June 20,2019

Fernando Alonso Impresses His Team – He Intends to Win the Race

Fernando Alonso Impresses His Team - He Intends to Win the Race

Alonso impressed his team, Andretti Auto-sport on their first test day in Indianapolis. The Spaniard completed without problems the orientation program for beginners (40 laps in three phases of speed to demonstrate control over his car) and then squeezed thoroughly to look for the limits of the oval, running behind another car, brush The maximum speed in the race (358 km / h), practice the salute and the braking thoroughly before entering the pit-lane. Rob Edwards, chief operating officer for the Andretti team, was amazed at the Spaniard’s way of working.

“It was great to work with him, as he has been since the first impression, exchanging e-mails between Fernando, Eric Bretzman [career engineer], Neil Oatley of McLaren and I. From the very beginning, the nature of his questions revealed the Detailed research he has done. We are deeply impressed , “Edwards said in remarks compiled by

“As for his personality, I would say that the reputation that people in Formula 1 is distant or difficult to work with is absolutely not their case. He is nice, pleasant and a person with a good sense of humor. Intense because we all share the same goal, which is to win the Indy 500. That is why it is here, it is not to simply participate in the test. It has the determined intention to win the race. ”

Fernando Alonso Impresses His Team - He Intends to Win the Race

The way to make sure he’s a contender is not to trust us, we have to keep thinking, ‘what could hurt us? What I can say is that I am confident in the attention to detail of Fernando and the whole group in that car. ”

“The successful today is that we did enough shooting to not only answer many of the questions Fernando. I think we have covered sufficient basis to provide many more questions to do and interesting things to think about. Having now more than a week To assimilate everything will be of great help to him. ”

“I have no doubt that there will be an email from him in the morning, and then lots of emails in the next 10 days!” So professional is he wants to have everything under control and make the most of this opportunity.

Fernando Alonso Impresses His Team - He Intends to Win the Race

“He was able to practice filming behind a safety car at 145 km / h, and then made the salute. He was able to use the pit-lane entrance we used on the day of the race, he was able to take curve 4 well, Instead of using the long pit-stop used in official practice, and also practiced the braking thoroughly before the pit-lane’s speed limit line.These are things you can only try at ‘Carb Day’ [First official training] “.

“Part of the process was accustoming him to the feeling of that change in aerodynamics, mechanics and tire degradation. I mean, the guy is a two-time world champion in Formula 1, enormously experienced in competition, but has never before experienced a Asymmetric car , so making changes around that asymmetry was valuable. ”

Fernando Alonso Impresses His Team - He Intends to Win the Race

“We worked on a program with two new sets of tires and we tried two adjustments, one for each set of tires, then we used used tires and we made some mechanical changes and we put a little more downforce, I do not have the numbers at hand, but I think That we allowed him to run with tires that had 20 or 25 laps, which is almost a stint. Obviously, with a reasonable amount of downforce. ”

The group shooting, which is part of the traditional approach of the Andretti team and its rookies to prepare for the Indy, will be their next challenge, I think we all know, including Fernando, that this will be the biggest challenge. Key to being competitive in the race. “