Monday,March 25,2019

Enrique Barzola: “By decision not win me back” in the UFC

Enrique Barzola: "By decision not win me back" in the UFC

Enrique Barzola: “By decision not win me back” in the UFC

The split decision loss of Enrique Barzola on his debut in the UFC drew criticism not only in Peru but in the mainstream media specialized in mixed martial arts (MMA) in Latin America. The diagnosis was unanimous: the Peruvian deserved to win.

The “Strong” landed more blows Kyle Bochniak (55 to 41) and was more solid in at least two of the three rounds. But in the end the judges placed in their 29-28, 29-28 and 27-30 for the American cards.

Enrique Barzola , the only Peruvian fighter currently competing in the UFC , spoke with DT Trade after combat to analyze what happened last Saturday in Vancouver.

Mostraste ; A different style than you get used to use, what was your strategy?

I wanted to fight up, moving a little and then try to take the floor.When I did, my opponent stood fast. I do not force the lying to not wear me much, I knew he was fast and explosive. By taste would have been expending energy on that part.

Do you think that you threw roundhouse kicks were unnecessary?

Well, I threw only three two connected. The first itself was a mistake because it caused a takedown of my rival. He dropped me by my fault, not by merit. When he tried to lie down later, he could not.

Volveremos To see a Barzola looking for the fight standing?

I’ll keep working my muay thai to finish my opponents stand or have it as a base and then take them to the floor.

They say that a fighter learns more from their defeats, what lesson leaves you this?

I think I should put more pressure on my opponents. No matter if you connect all my punches, judges do not see that ever. My opponent hit the air and did not connect, but now do more volume, it will look more takedowns. My goal will think I’m losing every round to go with everything and leave the outcome in the hands of the judges.

Do you think that was just the decision of the judges?

Everybody knows I won that fight, the only ones who have not seen so were the judges of combat. I was winning and maybe that was my mistake: trust he had won. Maybe I should tighten more.

In Peru there were many criticisms about the outcome …

The next time you’re going to have to knock me out or submit for decision not win me back. I’m going out to pluck heads.

The UFC published a note in which, somehow, questioned the cards, have contacted you directly? [The judges are appointed by an independent commission according to the city]

Not yet, but is already done and we can not Do nothing. All you have to do is raise your voice, because it affects many fighters are coming from below. I regret that Latinos are always in the background when competing against Americans. If we leave it in thehands of judges, we will lose.

What lesson has left you fight against Bochniak?

From now on I will go out to score points in all three rounds, finish and knock him out. Keep working hard, it does not stop here.

Have you any idea when you’ll never fight?

I think my manager talked to someone in UFC . I hope to have a fight as soon as possible, not necessarily a rematch. Whatever he is, I’ll be 100%. I have no injuries or shock and my face is no scratches. Instead, my opponent went very hurt.

You Volveras to do part of your training abroad?

I’ll focus more on doing my job here. Exit is a very strong investment, comes very costly. I’m thinking about doing my camps in Peru and there is the possibility of bringing teachers from other countries.