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Cook and Jackson lead the student uprising in Tenerife

Cook and Jackson lead the student uprising in Tenerife

Cook and Jackson lead the student uprising in Tenerife

El Movistar Estudiantes defeated Iberostar Tenerife (83-89) in the second edition of Isola Cup, in a match that also served as tinerfeño presentation team to his liking.

Of 80-72 it went to 80-86. A partial 0-14 for Students allowed to face the last moments more calmly to an island set that was not successful at that stage of shock.

The game had important phases for both teams. Initially it was the Iberostar Tenerife who began sending (5-0), but soon the visitors would get match the shock and get even ahead on the scoreboard (11-13, min.5).

But it was the aurinegros those who were playing better in the first quarter. Supo attack with greater success and managed to leave at the end of the first quarter to maximum advantage so far (32-20), thanks to the basket midfield Davin White (32-20).

Students in the Movistar Edwin Jackson was keeping his team on the scoreboard.He exceeded its defenders and kept schoolboys in the match against local defense passive.

Break four points up for Iberostar Tenerife (47-43) and still all came to be decided.

After the break he returned equality on the scoreboard. First with a Iberostar most successful in attack and slightly dominating the scoreboard (56-55), but the last three minutes the domain change sides, with the staff of Salva Maldonado who would take the reins of the crash.

It was Jordi Grimau, with eleven points in this room, the star and creator of the score came at the end of this period with only two points below for your team (69-67).

The output of Iberostar Tenerife in the last ten minutes was important getting itself to put up six points (76-70) against an opponent that although he was not doing well, knew to stay in the match. Bogris was hurting inside the area but the Iberostar lacked outside support.

But change everything in the last six minutes. The Iberostar was not strong in defense and that it took his opponent to take the lead after a partial 0-14 and end up winning the game against a Iberostar lacking offensive success and with many problems in defense Tenerife.

Data sheet:

Tenerife Iberostar 83 (32 + 15 + 22 + 14) . San Miguel (2), Richotti (12), Beirán (11), Abromaitis (7), Bogris (18) -inicial- Vazquez (7), White (10 ), Doornekamp (7), Grigonis (7), Hanley (2).

Students 89 (20 + 23 + 24 + 22). Jackson (21), Cook (14), Vicedo (5), Page (3), Traore (9) -inicial-, Fernandez (9), Savané (2), grimau (15), Suton (4), Brizuela (-) and Wilson (7).