Saturday,June 15,2019

Australia urges swimmers to go to the psychologist after the Games


Australia urges swimmers to go to the psychologist after the Games

After his success in Rio, he advised them to “take care” and return to find motivations and guide their life again.

“And now what?”  That question is asked by many athletes after the Olympic Games , especially in individual sports where competition is scarce and workouts extend along eight or ten hours a day for six days to week. swimming is one of them, so there are athletes who disappear or take a sabbatical period, something disoriented and lacking horizons, after a competition of this magnitude.

Australian swimming federation has sent a letter to all swum res to attend the psychologist this September (the federation provides its specialists) and help them guide their lives , to set new goals and make sense after River. “The trip to the Games is long and culminates in an emotionally charged experience for all. This is the Olympic trip. The experience of each is different, but we recommend you to be careful after the Games. Take care of yourself , look at all sides, and uses these two months to learn from this incredible experience , “says the letter sent to all swimmers.

Australian swimming, who made a superb championships in which he was behind the United States in the medal, had pleasant surprises and disappointments, such as the Campbell sisters , who aspired to achieve podium in the 50 and 100 freestyle and finally they were left out. There are cases in this country of exceptional swimmers after some success or some great competition found a deep emptiness, as Ian Thorpe, the exceptional Torpedo icon in Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004, who was then on the brink of suicide . Michael Phelps himself king of all time, also suffered the unspeakable after leaving the pools without a clear incentive.