Saturday,January 19,2019

Zuckerberg will invest 3,000 million dollars to try to “cure all diseases”

Zuckerberg will invest 3,000 million dollars to try to "cure all diseases"

Zuckerberg will invest 3,000 million dollars to try to “cure all diseases”

In late 2015 Mark Zuckerberg announced the creation of a foundation called’Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’ , where it drew attention to the decision to donate 99% of its shares in Facebook, which at first made him look like a great altruistic but seeing further that it was a smart strategy to invest tax – free money.

Today at an event in San Francisco, Zuckerberg announced the first major action of the initiative that shares with his wife Priscilla Chan, which is an aggressive plan that seeks to end all diseases that exist today of by the end of the century ;and to boot they are announcing an investment of 3,000 million dollars over the next decade to boot squarely with the project.

Stop investing in treatments to invest in cures

The approach is aimed Zuckerberg provides that the medicine is certainly one of the greatest inventions of science, so we have come to almost a century of treatments that seek to reduce the risks of dying from any disease. According tothe information provided by the founder of Facebook, today treatments representan investment up to 50 times greater than what is invested in research to cure diseases , therefore he believes it is time to change the mindset and focus efforts on an end to them.

His plan focuses on cure, prevent and manage all the diseases by the end of the century, which will invest 3,000 million dollars in the creation of a research center that will be known as Bio Hub where work scientists and engineers with the support of universities like Stanford, UCSF and Berkeley, this in order to create new tools and technologies needed for this project.

Dr. Cori Bargmann , world – renowned expert in neuroscience and genetics, will head Bio Hub who is responsible for focusing efforts on three main areas:
  1. Working together with scientists and engineers.
  2. Build tools and technology to enable the scientific community.
  3. Growing science funding.

All work and results obtained in Bio Hub be open source and available for any person or institution , this with the idea that anyone can add to the project and among all the goal of ending definitively with the disease is achieved.