Friday,February 28,2020

When I want my nails grow fast and strong I only do this for 7 days

When I want my nails grow fast and strong I only do this for 7 days

When I want my nails grow fast and strong I only do this for 7 days

The fingernails of women are an item that they care much, in fact, tend to spend much money on beauty salons to get by or placed false nails since become much more beautiful hands and give a better appearance.

Despite that, there are those who are the ruin by different factors, these include:

Bite, use detergents or articles strong cleaning without gloves, open bottles with them, an absent diet of vitamins, do yard work without gloves, unhygienic and not let them breathe (i.e, you always have them painted), infections such as fungi and lack of minerals.

Regardless of the factor causing these problems on your nails, there is always a natural way to make them stronger and healthier, without spending much money on them. Here we present some tips to make them stronger and some natural remedies to stimulate growth.

Tips and remedies to strengthen nails

With the following tips you’ll have your nails grow much faster and also quite strengthened:

  • Increases blood flow to your fingers: certain activities such as using the computer keyboard, filing, playing piano, etc., ie, all activities that cause blood flow to the fingers.
  • Increase protein intake: you can consume smoothies, drink milk, lean meat and if desired, a daily supplement of vitamin D.
  • Keep warm: Try to keep your hands covered the cold, keep warmth in her blood and so it will remain.
  • Enamel: enamel hardener applied once a week at least. But do not abuse of nail color.
  • Drink plenty of water: hydration is important not only for nails.

Some of the most common remedies are:

  • Cucumber juice: once a week immersed in half a cucumber nails passed through the juicer. You can do the same with Aloe Vera.
  • Onion juice: peel and passes through an exhaust fan or rĂ¡llala onion, then dipped nails for a while, do while time television.
  • Garlic mashed garlic cloves and place the dough extracted nail for a while, like onions.

With these tips we will ensure that your nails grow quickly and also rather strengthened.