Tuesday,July 16,2019

These are the Best Natural Benefits of the Basil for Your Health…!

These are the Best Natural Benefits of the Basil for Your Health...!

We bring at this time for you, it is recognized for its great uses to give it a special flavor that no other plant can give. It is very popular because of its particular aroma and surely you have always let its benefits go unnoticed.

The plant that we are talking about is known as the BASIL. This belongs to the family of lamiaceae and, as we said before is a very aromatic plant.  This plant must be in every house thanks to its wonderful Benefits.

Health Benefits of the Basil :


Several studies with basil showed that it provides protection against a chemical known as carcinogenics, giving it an important antioxidant role in basil.


According to scientific demonstrations, basil is an excellent antimicrobial thanks to an oil that secretes and is rich in ethanolic, if you combine it with garlic has the best antibiotic of all.

Cleanses Blood:

It helps lower triglycerides and lower bad cholesterol if you take an infusion of basil.

Other Benefits:

It also has benefits to combat headaches, diarrhea, constipation, cough, parasites, warts and helps keep the kidneys clean.

Even basil is also one of the ingredients of different pharmaceutical and natural remedies, so it is a plant that should be in everyone’s house and not just to cook.

Home Remedies with Basil :

These are the Best Natural Benefits of the Basil for Your Health...!

1. Fights Headache

The headache can make your day a nightmare, however, before running to the medicine chest looking for a painkiller could try drinking an infusion of warm basil or well, inhale essential oil of basil, either dissolved in half a liter of Boiling water or pour 4 drops into a tissue and inhale the aroma.

2. Farewell to intestinal parasites

Drinking fast an infusion of fresh basil every day could help you expel the pesky parasites or intestinal worms.

Remember that a good infusion is one that is prepared by heating the water first until it reaches the boiling point (do not let it continue to boil), add the leaves of the plant and cover so that neither essential oils nor Active principles of the plant being used and allowed to stand between 10 and 15 minutes before drinking.

3. For Heartburn or Indigestion

To control acidity, acid reflux and annoying indigestion without having to use medications, basil can be an excellent natural option. Simply prepare an infusion and drink it after eating. The infusion should be taken when it is warm.

4. Allied Against Acne

Basil leaves are an excellent natural option to combat the odious acne. To prepare this remedy you need to first make an infusion with a handful of fresh leaves.

After you have cooked the leaves on a low heat, let cool, wet a towel and put it on your face for 15 minutes. You can also crush the leaves after making the infusion and place them as poultice on the problem areas.

5. Prevent Hair Loss

If you are tired of seeing how your hair stays on the brush or on the pillow of your bed, try applying an infusion of basil on your mane after washing it perfectly.

The preparation should be at room temperature and you should massage your scalp in a circular way, not rinses.