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Taking green tea for maximum benefit


Taking green tea for maximum benefit

Did you know that besides the infusion time, the presentation also choose green tea affects your benefits? Thus, we get more or less depending opt for the bags or loose leaves


Take green tea provides many benefits to health. Although not all are scientifically constatadas, it is known that many of them are real.

It is known that has a lot of antioxidant properties, as well as diuretics and thermogenesis effects . You can protect a variety of health problems such as heart disease.

If you learn to drink green tea to take 100% of its profits, we assure you will not want it out of your diet.

Green tea prepared according to your taste

When you prepare a cup of green tea, the taste will depend on how you elaborate: from water temperature to the amount of time the leaves are left.

According to many fans tea, the perfect drink is rich in flavor, without it becomes bitter.

When the water is too hot or too long submerged let the leaves may occur in bitterness infusion . On the contrary, if the water is too cold, the taste of tea is not removed.

Considers that the perfect time to soak the leaves varies depending on the size of the leaves, the degree of tea, when harvested and other factors.

Green tea is heated generally to 185ºF 140ºF (85 ° C to 60 ° C), and is produced in an estimated 1 to 3 minutes.

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Green tea infusion

There are several studies that suggest that depending on how we develop green tea can better preserve the benefits of antioxidants give us health.

Also, how infusionemos tea also influences the final result.

  • Size and shape of the tea leaves. Smaller sheets achieve a faster infusion.Meanwhile, larger leaves require a little more time.
  • Tea bags against loose sheets. In general, the loose leaf tea is more appreciated because the young leaves and buds are used throughout.This causes a larger amount than could be found in a package of tea leaves into small pieces is used.
  • Temperature. When the water boils rapidly promotes the extraction of catechins.

However, water which is at a lower temperature maximizes health benefits because there is less degradation of compounds such as gallic acid.

Are there risks in taking infusion of green tea?

When soaking tea is prolonged it may extend over the tea a bitter taste and it is possible that the caffeine content in tea to rise.

Furthermore, there is a possibility that other substances can be extracted thereof as pesticides or heavy metals.

How drinking green tea in other ways?

If what you want is to maximize the antioxidant activity of your next cup of tea, I soak it about 2 hours in cold water and will achieve a nice flavor.

So also you will take advantage the essential properties of this gift of nature.

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Three little-known benefits of green tea

A series of studies scientists are exploring the benefits of green tea beyond what you could imagine, as its anticancer properties or stress – reducing effects that promote the health of your heart.

Ten healthier gums and teeth

In a study conducted in 2009 oral health of 940 men was analyzed and found thatthose who drank green tea regularly had healthier gums than participants who consumed little or never.

For each cup of green tea a day, there was a significant decrease in several indicators of periodontal disease, such as bleeding or redness of the gums as well as tooth erosion.

 Prevent an attack

Also in 2009 some were conducted studies that suggest that if you drink green tea every day, can reduce very significantly the risk of stroke.

According to a survey conducted nearly 195,000 people found that those who drank three cups of green tea a day reduced their risk of such attacks to an astounding 21%.

Improve your brain power

Drinking green tea could preserve your brain power of the effects of aging.

In 2006 we conducted studies that examined how tea consumption affected about 1,000 people in Japan aged 70 and older.

It was found that those who drank more tea throughout his life were less likely to show signs of loss or weakening of their functions brain .

Who consumed four to six times a week a cup of tea were 38% less likely to cognitive impairment.

Because there is limited scientific research is too early to recommend green tea consumption for the treatment of any condition.

If you plan to start taking green tea to improve your health, you should consult your trusted doctor.