Sunday,June 16,2019

Seven things you did not know about the effects of music


Seven things you did not know about the effects of music

1. Improved vocabulary

According to a recent review published in the journal Nature Reviews Neuroscience by Nina Kraus, the Northwester University (USA), during the musical training to play an instrument establishing neuronal connections also improve other aspects of human communication. Hence children with musical training have better vocabulary and reading ability. It also explains why musicians are better able to hear a conversation when there is background noise that ordinary mortals.

2. Background music

Whether we reproduce a song like Lady Gaga opted for a classical album, listen to music while developing a cognitive task such as studying or writing a report- reduces performance, according to an article published recently in Applied Cognitive Psychology . The best in these cases, the authors say, is silence.

3. Ritmo for sports

Scientists at Brunel University in 2008 showed that listening to certain kinds of music, mainly rock and pop genres, we can increase our resistance to strenuous exercise up to 15%. The study was published in the journal Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology .

4. The music, on the left

According to a study a few years ago at the universities of California and Arizona (USA) and published in Science , the right ear better reflects the sounds of speech, while the left, responds best to music . “Even at birth, the ear is structured to distinguish between different types of sounds and send it to the right place in the brain , ” he concluded one of the study ‘s authors, Barbara Cone-Wesson.

5. Music and Alcohol

Loud music in pubs encouraged to drink more alcohol in less time, according toa French research disseminated in 2008 by the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research . Furthermore, as higher is the volume of the music faster drink is consumed.

6. Good for circulation

Scientists at the Medical Center of the University of Maryland have shown that listening to music can benefit the cardiovascular system as much as exercise or taking certain medications. Specifically, analyzing the response of blood vessels with ultrasound while listening to music, Michael Miller and colleagues found that e l vessel diameter , measured at the upper arm, increased by 26% with our favorite music . In contrast, the music they describe as stressful causes the vessels to contract by 6%. The experiments also showed that listening to songs that invite you to laugh dilate blood vessels by 19%, while relaxing music produces an expansion of 11%.

7. With eyes closed

By studying the brains of 15 subjects using magnetic resonance imaging functional, Yulia Lerner, University of Tel Aviv, showed last year to close your eyes increases the emotional impact on us Musca. Dr. Lerner used specifically scary music style used by Alfred Hitchcock in his pelĂ­culas.Y and found that the activity of the amygdala, an area of the brain linked to the feeling of fear, increased more with eyes closed if They remained open.