Wednesday,August 21,2019

This Natural Remedy can Helps to Relief for Common Ear Infection

This Natural Remedy can Helps to Relief for Common Ear Infection

Now that the cold comes we are more likely to get sick than the rest of the year. One of the most common diseases of the winter is the cold and a common cold symptom is the ear infection.

The Eustachian tubes are from the ear to the back of the throat. Normally, these tubes drain fluid produced in the middle ear. If the tube is blocked, the fluid accumulates and can cause an infection. During the winter, the excessive mucus caused by a cold can lead to clogging and consequently, an infection.

This problem especially affects the smallest with symptoms ranging from a strong earache, fatigue or the discharge of thick yellowish fluid from the ear. Fortunately, below we will show you a very useful home remedy capable of providing quick and effective relief for common ear infection.


How to Prepared?

All you need is a white sock and Epsom salt.

This Natural Remedy can Helps to Relief for Common Ear InfectionEpsom salt is a natural remedy perfect for treating ear infections or pains. In order to carry out this trick you will need to completely fill the part that occupies the foot of a sock will usually suffice to use a cup and a half of Epsom salt.

Open the sock and carefully pour Epsom salt into it. Use a funnel to make sure you do not end up with soil full of grains of salt. It is important that the salt is coarse enough so that no grain will escape through the fabric of the sock.

Once the sock has enough salt inside it, make a knot to ensure that the salt does not come out and adjust it so that there is a bag that is not too brown or too soft. Then heat the salt-filled sock in a frying pan over medium-low heat and turn it over until both sides are warm but not hot. It is important to wear a white sock because socks that have dyes can burn easily.

You can also heat the sock in the microwave but you will have to take some precautions before doing so. Salt from the sock can heat up very quickly and burn. As a precaution, heat the sock at 5-second intervals to carefully control the heat of the salt.This Natural Remedy can Helps to Relief for Common Ear InfectionOnce done, place the sock over the infected ear. In just a few minutes you will notice how the pain gradually diminishes. Besides being a very cheap trick, you can use the same sock over and over again, you just have to warm it up before reusing it.