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Medicinal plants and remedies Spain


Medicinal plants and remedies Spain

Learn a little more of the wide variety of plants and medicinal remedies that nature offers, here are a few plants of Spanish origin.


Salvia lavandulifolia  Vahl,  Salvia officinalis  Land other native sages popular names: Salvia.

Of this plant are used : the leaves and flowers.

Salvia remedy to combat the pharyngeal irritation


  • Boil a liter of water and add 30 grams of fresh sage (15 grams if mint) let stand until cool.Strain and make gargling Repeat several times a day.

Salvia remedy for night sweats caused by menopause


  • Marinate 100 grams of Salvia in one liter of alcohol for ten days, stirring occasionally (the maceration process explained in other articles on medicinal plants). Take fifty drops two hours before the time known night sweats will be presented.


Thymus vulgaris  L. Popular names: thyme, Thymus timonet .

Part used: aerial part.

Thyme is essentially an antiseptic or disinfectant .For this, it is used in cases of bronchitis, colds, coughs and infections several.

Thyme remedy to  soothe sore throat or tonsillitis


  • Prepare a tea or infusion of thyme. Drink half cup slow sips. The other half is used for gargling cold.

Thyme remedy to   relieve cramps that occur at night


  • Immerse before bedtime in a warm bath to which you have added a few drops of essential oil of thyme.


Malva sylvestris  L. Names: Malva.

This plant used:   aerial sumidad and flowers.

Remedy with mauve for all kinds of skin conditions


  • To prepare compresses and poultices mauve, a handful of leaves and flowers placed in a liter of water, boil and then let it stand for fifteen minutes. Strain and a cloth or gauze soaked with the mixture and placed in the affected area.

Remedy with mauve for hair growth


  • Liquefy two sheets of mauve in half a glass of water, then you have to apply it on the scalp. Leave on for fifteen minutes and then wash your hair normally. It can be applied once a week, with the passage of time it will be appreciated hair less brittle and grow faster.


Ruta angustifolia  Pers and  Ruta graveolens  L. Popular names: Ruda.

In this type of plant it is used throughout the plant,  particularly the flowering top .

Rue remedy for dizziness and fainting


  • In a cloth placed crushed leaves of rue, add wine vinegar, then rub on the temples and nostrils.


Guarana  HBK (Mart.) Var. sorbilis (Mart.) Popular Names: Guarana  .

Part used: pulp and seeds in processed and packaged products.

Guarana remedy for physical fatigue.


  • Add 1 tablespoon ground powder guarana seeds in a cup containing water is boiling. Take 2 cups a day. Guarana is a plant that provides wellness and vigor while the smooth functioning of the major organs.

Guarana remedy for mental fatigue


  • Add to a quart of boiling water three tablespoons guarana seed powder, cooling and filtering; add abundant honey and store in refrigerator. Eat two cups a day.

Slimming remedy with Guarana


  • In one liter of water add two tablespoons of powdered Guarana seeds, boil for ten minutes, let cool. Eat during the day for two weeks.