Saturday,June 15,2019

The keys to a good breakfast as science

The keys to a good breakfast as science

The keys to a good breakfast as science

A protein-rich breakfast is the key to maintaining energy throughout the day.

Start the morning with a good food  is essential to have sufficient to meet all obligations and challenges us everyday energy. Therefore, a study led by researcher Tanja Kral biobehavioral Department of Health Sciences School of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania (USA) has concluded that the best for this purpose is a protein – rich breakfast .

What kind of protein?

A breakfast with the presence of eggs, oat bran or ham forms an excellent menu, especially for the little ones, preventing the lunchtime take extra calories and thus preventing the wave of obesity plaguing the entire planet.

The researchers conducted an experiment with 40 children about 8 and 10 years old , all with healthy weight, which split into groups to take different types of breakfast each day.The total calories of each of the breakfast was 350 . After taking the breakfast , the children played with experts to simulate the activity of a normal day. Later, they were given lunch.Meanwhile, children wondered if they were hungry or how much would be able to eat at this time in the case of hunger. This test lasted three days.

The experiment ended three years later with a follow-up by parents, rather than researchers.

The results revealed that children who had ingested a breakfast rich in proteins (especially including eggs), decreased their energy intake at lunch by up to 70 calories.