Tuesday,June 25,2019

This helps treat gray hair home remedy and recover the normal color of your hair


This helps treat gray hair home remedy and recover the normal color of your hair

One of the traits of wisdom and most famous are the hoary old age. Today, gray hair have become more a feature of old age wisdom, this has led many people seek in any way how to hide them so that people do not realize they have them.

For this reason it is that the market is full of many products that help hide.

However, nature also has a lot of remedies that help hide gray hair and maintain hair health, it also helps that this does not fall. This article will show you one that is very special because it nourishes the hair follicles and improve circulation, in turn, helps remove any viruses or bacteria in the hair, especially dandruff.

In addition to the above, the onion helps restore the color because it contains catalase, which is an enzyme used to treat hair discoloration. Onion juice acts as topical creams containing catalase and therefore works to reverse graying and recover the natural color of cabello.SegĂșn a study in the Journal of Dermatology, then use onion juice on the hair for only four weeks.

Preparation of onion juice for hair care and prevent graying

There are three ways to prepare onion juice can be used in three ways. What we recommend is to be prepared in small amounts because it can not be stored for long. These are the ways to do:

  1. Squeezed: What you do is peel the onion and then cut it in half, then insert it into the juicer and ready.
  2. Liquefied: you peel the onion, then chop into four and place in blender, when you think it is convenient the result, turn off the blender and strain to remove any, you just need the juice.
  3. Shredded: Peel the onion, chop in half and then must grate on the smaller side, so you have only juice.

Apply to the area you want your hair with a gentle massage, then leave the application for 45 minutes.Finally, rinse with warm water.