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Getting the most out of all medicinal milk: Excellent for the liver!

Getting the most out of all medicinal milk: Excellent for the liver!

Getting the most out of all medicinal milk: Excellent for the liver!

Through Internet travels much information on milk birdseed.Some say it does wonders for health.Others say it’s all a lie.

We at Top 10 home remedies have received many requests to discuss the matter.

As we have been publishing only tested recipes – and because many people say that milk birdseed and its benefits are scams – have never been interested in talking about it.So last Sunday we received a message reading Marcia Cristina.In his message, Marcia milk birdseed described as a powerful natural medicine.


We will re post the message she sent us, that voice you feel the veracity of this reader ::

                 Good morning, I would point out a publication: milk or milk birdseed birdseed enzyme

                 possesses many curative properties.

                 My cousin could not eat pork, cucumber, eggplant, with a glass of wine and beer.

                 He began taking in ten days and felt better, even ate roast pork with beer.

                 It did not hurt his head, as he always did.


Then we check the healing effect on the liver and took three months:

1st month = 3 cups (1 fasting, 2 hours after breakfast and before bedtime)

2nd month = 2 (1 in fasting and at bedtime 1)

3rd month = 1 cup (just before bedtime)

For maintenance, it takes 2 or 3 times a month (1 liter and a half each).

Even a remedy (Ormigrim) was taken for migraines for 25 years and had only improved with this milk after 10 days of consumption.

My cousin put 3 tablespoons in 600 ml of water and let soak a whole night.After washing and drain the water, put half a liter of fresh water, you must beat 3 minutes in the blender and then strain (fine sieve) to remove all bark.

Leave in the fridge to eat throughout the day.The taste becomes between skim milk and soy milk.

My aunt also took and felt improvement in skin allergies.

“That was the story of Marcia Cristina reading about the benefits of milk birdseed.

So we are giving credit to the reader and for the first time, resulting in milk birdseed in Top 10 home remedies.

Your beam used this milk?

Do you have something to tell us?

Is it good or bad for health?